I judge players by the way they ground out

Posted by Steve

I just read the JS before going to bed, and had to make a quick post about this gem from Tony Gwynn Junior.

“I’m having a good spring,” Gwynn said. “I just want to finish strong. I’m trying to stay focused on the things I need to do. Ned told me at the start of camp that he just wanted me to have good at-bats and that’s what I set out to do…”

This game is so results-based, sometimes we all get caught up in that,” Gwynn said. “It took a lot of pressure off that I was putting on myself. I felt like he made the game way easier.”

I hate when managers get “all caught up in” results.

Actually, I wish Ned would get more caught up in results. If he did, he wouldn’t consider starting someone with a .307 career OBP and a .688 OPS in his minor league career.

Just to be clear, I have no personal vendetta against TGJ. By all accounts he’s a good guy with a good attitude, and I think he has an awesome voice. I think he’s a good backup outfielder. I just see no reason to give a month’s worth of ABs to someone who has never hit for a sustained period of time when you have Gabe Gross and Joe Dillon.


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