4/4 Home Opener

Posted by Steve

Well, I was supposed to be in attendance for this game. Of course I’m sick, so I’ll settle for watching the game in HD and blogging as I watch.

You have to be pleased with the Cubs series, and in my view, a few things in particular: Sheets looked great and racked up the Ks, Corey Hart and Rickie Weeks look good at the plate, and Bill Hall looks good on defense at third.

I’m looking forward to facing the Giants and their lefty starters. This is definitely a series the Brewers could/should dominate. This lineup is a complete joke. Seriously, Bengi Monlia hitting cleanup? Man.

I’m also looking forward to Bill’s scouting report. It will be the first one I’ve seen live this season.

Alright, ready for the first pitch. Let’s go Carlos!

  • Early disappointment right off the bat. Carlos is giving the scouting report on himself! Well, at least Bill will still be able to tell us all we’d need to know about Jonathan Sanchez.
  • The Giants have to be the only team in baseball who would have their three-hitter attempt a bunt base hit with two outs and nobody on.
  • Pretty good first inning for Carlos. Winn nicely drew a walk, but he was throwing strikes for the most part.
  • I like the concept of hitting Kendall eighth, but that’s about all I like with Yost’s lineup. Kapler/Gwynn shouldn’t be starting at all, much less hitting second. And the only lineup Corey Hart should be hitting sixth in is the NL All-Star team.
  • Ooh! Ooh! Piggly Wiggly Scouting Report time! Only one semi-dumb one today, unfortunately (yesterday’s “Out of pen” tidbit on Dempster was great). Jonathan Sanchez:
    • Live arm
    • Lacks command
    • Can be rattled (isn’t this true about most any pitcher?)
  • I love the high socks/baggy pants look on Prince. Definitely slimming.
  • Ha. Prince said it makes him look faster, which might be why he just confused himself with Tony Gwynn Jr. on a seeing-eye RBI single through the hole.
  • I know they’ve only played a few games, but Braun hasn’t really shown any more plate discipline than last year. Just whiffed on a shoulder-high pitch.
  • 8L4L goes yard! I mentally called a homer there. Don’t believe me if you wish, but why would I make it up? 3-0 Crew! If you watch the replay, as Hall touches home plate, he says, “Man, I love hitting first-inning homers off San Francisco left-handers in the first inning of home games!” I’m pretty good at reading lips.
  • Huh. I had no clue Jose Castillo was with the Giants until he doubled.
  • Big K for Carlos there. Two down for… Brian Bocock? I never thought I’d hear anyone sever say, “You don’t want to give Bocock anything to hit.” Bill amazes me again.
  • Villy throwing too many pitches. 43 through two innings. At this pace he’ll be lucky to get through five, but at least he has two scoreless innings so far.
  • Hardy has looked pretty awful at the plate so far with a strikeout.
  • Hey, my first Doorman sighting of the year! That guy’s awesome.
  • Wow, BA just said that Brian Sabean doesn’t even remember Villanueva from his system. That’s ok, I’m sure he got better value giving Barry Zito $4.3 octillion.
  • Another clean inning, although he’s up to 58 pitches. Probably will see plenty of the bullpen today. It would be nice to get Gagne an appearance with more than a one-run lead.
  • Meanwhile, Sanchez as six strikeouts already. The Brewers are really swinging at some garbage.
  • Braun swings at a couple more ball fours. Yuck.
  • Very different CV game than we’re used to. He’s usually efficient and pitching to contact, but today he’s racking up the Ks (along with a high pitch count).
  • Sanchez is also getting a ton of strikeouts, but the Brewers are really swinging at some bad pitches. Hardy has looked lost. 14 total strikeouts through 4 innings.
  • Good time for an 11-pitch inning. Carlos should be able to at least start the sixth. 3-0 Crew, mid fifth.
  • Unlike several hitters, I am really liking Jason Kendall’s approach. He sees plenty of pitches.
  • Rickie with a great eye once again, and works a long AB ending in a walk. Bill and BA surprised Kapler isn’t bunting, but I’m just pleased. And now a 2-0 count. Stay tuned…
  • Kapler with the RBI single! And BA with another Estrada dig, “And how many Brewer catchers in franchise history could score on that play?”
  • Spread it on! Beautiful hit by Prince after a 3-2 count.
  • Sanchez really ran out of gas. Eight strikeouts don’t do you any good if you can only pitch 4+ innings.
  • Now pitching for the Giants: Keiichi Yabu.
  • Now depositing a Keiichi Yabu pitch into the left field bleachers: Bill Hall!
  • I just realized: It really sucks that I am not at this game. 8-0 Brewers.
  • Carlos surrenders three straight hits, two of which were doubles. He is clearly done. They should have pulled him after the second hit, yet he’s still in…
  • Aaand another hit. Man. I know the game wasn’t close, but it was clear he was finished.
  • Shouse comes in, Bochy sends up some righties to pinch hit and Shouse sits ’em down. 8-2, mid sixth.
  • A Gabe Gross appearance!
  • He draws a four-pitch walk. As good as Braun is, I wonder if he’s ever done that?
  • Jason Kendall has six hits this season as he doubles in Gross. Meanwhile Johnny Estrada is getting slower and less athletic by the minute.
  • Weeks and Kapler follow up with singles, and it’s 10-2. If one of Braun or Hardy has a good plate appearance yet today, my day is complete.
  • Guess it was too much to ask. Prince crushed a double off the wall, but Braun swung at two more balls and struck out–again.
  • Man alive! I can’t even keep up here. Hall and Hart each follow with RBI singles! Hall with a career high six RBI, and now Gross–the leadoff hitter of this inning, is up again.
  • Taking a lunch break here, but I figure it’s well enough in hand. Molina hit a two-run homer off Torres, and the Brewers stranded Gabe Kapler after his third hit in the bottom of the seventh. On to the eighth.
  • Apparently FSN has lost their high def feed. I have to say, FSN’s broadcasts of the Brewers are totally second-rate. I think they missed five or six pitches yesterday because they didn’t switch from the camera on the baserunner in time.
  • By the way, there was another pause in my posting because wordpress wasn’t responding. It’s now up again, and apparently they revamped their format as I was making this post? The dashboard format is all changed around. Random.
  • And there’s your ball game! Torres with the three-inning save, proving yet again that the save may be the second dumbest stat in baseball (behind the win). Not much more to ask for in a home opener. A 13-4 drubbing. Oh, and the Cubs lost too.

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