Sheets vs. Santana

Posted by Steve

Well, this one didn’t really play out the way you might have guessed. Early on it looked like Sheets was going to be in for a rough day. His velocity seemed way down, and he got roughed up a bit early. Then I realized that Santana’s fastball was also regularly at 87-88, which led me to assume that FSN’s gun was slow.

After a miserable few days, the Brewers offense did a pretty nice job against Santana. They made him throw a good amount of pitches to get them out, and were able to take advantage of his mistakes with the long ball. Then once Sheets settled in, he kept the Mets off balance for most of the day.

All in all, a pretty good way to bounce back from a Nelson Figueroa egg-laying.

Huge homer for Kapler today. I’d prefer not to fill this site with photos of a nearly naked dude, but right now he’s just not leaving me any choice.


3 responses to “Sheets vs. Santana

  1. If you have to put up a photo of Kapler, could you at least use one that doesn’t leave so little to the imagination?

  2. I’ll see what I can do. There aren’t many better options available.

  3. Wow, if he keeps hitting homers, I think this site will stop making it through my work filter.

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