Cornucopia of Thoughts, 4/17

Posted by Steve

Haven’t posted in a few days, so there are a few things worth covering. Hence, the cornucopia of thoughts.

  • Not going to lie; I am relieved that Gabe Kapler hasn’t played much the last couple days. I needed to get in at least one non-Beefcake Gabe post before posting another photo. Just be glad there are no photos of a scantily-clad Prince Fielder readily available on the internet, because he’d be up there after today’s game.
  • The Brewers have a very interesting decision to make with the return of Yo Gallardo on Sunday. As many as five pitchers have made their case to be replaced, and by “make their case” I mean pitched poorly. They can either replace a reliever and send one of the current starters to the bullpen, or send a current starter to AAA. The only two starters who are safe are Ben Sheets and Jeff Suppan. Until a few days ago it looked like Dave Bush might be the odd man out, but then Carlos Villanueva and Manny Parra each had poor outings. I think the fact that Bush would need to clear waivers will keep him on the big league club, but Parra or Villanueva might see the minors for awhile. Villanueva has not had a good outing yet this year, and he’s getting pulled from the game far too early. It’s only three starts, but I have a feeling either Parra or Villanueva will be out of the rotation for a bit. Seth McClung could also be demoted, but he was probably the MVP of today’s game with three scoreless innings, so who knows how big a part that will play. McClung would also need to clear waivers.
  • Hernan Irabarren had a nice stint in the big leagues for a few games in limited playing time. I don’t see him starting anywhere down the line, but he should eventually be a nice bench player.
  • It is pretty nice to be sitting at 9-6 considering the offense hasn’t done much of anything recently. I’m not worried about the offense much, as it’s still the strong point of the team. I don’t care much for the approach of guys like Braun, Hart and Hardy so far, but again, it’s early.
  • I’m off to La Crosse for the weekend to hang out with some friends from college (man, that makes me feel old. I have “friends from college”). Can’t wait to grill out and watch/listen to the game on Saturday at the old stomping grounds.
  • The guys at Right Field Bleachers are running a “Welcome Back Geoff Jenkins” campaign for his return next week, and they asked us to help spread the word. They’re encouraging people to go to the game on Wednesday, and if you want they have some downloadable signs to print off. Personally, I’m not one to bring signs to a game, but I’ll be there. Jenkins was one of the only bright spots to those terrible teams in the early 2000s. He had some really good years, he always played hard and frequently played through injuries. I’ll always remember him limping through September of ’05 with an injured back when the team was simply playing for a .500 season. Some former Brewers have been bafflingly booed upon their return to Miller Park, and I’d be disappointed and embarrassed if they booed Jenkins. So, at the very least, don’t boo him next week.

Image taken from JSOnline


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