Looks like someone has a case of the Monday Cornucopias

Posted by Steve

Cornucopia time.

  • Worst weekly segment ever? I was out of town over the weekend and only heard the weekend games on the radio. With two day games during the week, I only caught one or two broadcasts on FSN for the entire week. This means that one week after the inaugural Piggly Wiggly Scouting Report of the Week by Bill, there will not be one today. I’ll either post one later this week or just come back with one for next week.
  • I just posted on Friday that the Brewers’ average with runners in scoring position would not stay that high for long, and boy, did it crash hard over the weekend.  One for 26 against the Marlins in three games is brutal.
  • Dave Bush being sent down was surprising and a little unsettling to me. Apparently the team decided they didn’t want to move him to the bullpen and preferred to keep him starting. That’s fine, but they demoted the wrong starter. Manny Parra has not lasted longer than 5 1/3 innings in any start this season. The more sensible decision would be to move Parra to the bullpen and DFA/trade Seth McClung or Derrick Turnbow. Parra could give the Brewers a true long reliever and could also limit his innings so he’s not cashed by September. The fact that McClung and Turnbow hold roster spots over Dave Bush is puzzling at best.
  • Speaking of Turnbow, I’ve finally run out of patience for him. When he has control he’s very good, but he so rarely has control anymore that he does more harm than good. He walked over six guys per nine innings last season, and is nowhere near the plate once again this year—he only has had one good outing. It’s probably too late to get anything of value for him, but still, if I could find someone willing to take his salary, I’d do it and move on.
  • Rickie Weeks has been pretty unlucky so far this season. His numbers are pretty poor right now, yet there is enough reason for encouragement. He is last among NL second basemen in batting average, yet fifth in OBP. This is because he is number one in walks/plate appearance. Yost says he isn’t concerned by Weeks’ poor numbers, which is encouraging. Ned said he’s been hitting the ball hard but just an inordinate amount of balls are right at people, and Weeks’ low BABIP of .214 definitely backs that up. It indicates his batting average, OBP and slugging will start rising soon, and he’ll once again be an elite offensive second baseman.
  • Mike Cameron returns tomorrow, and not a day too soon. Here’s hoping a good hitter batting second has some sort of trickle-down effect on the rest of the offense. Weeks should see better pitching with a non-scrub batting behind him, and Braun and Fielder should get more PAs with guys on base. Plus I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by the defense in center. Nobody has really looked awful, but nobody has really made an exceptional play. I’m really looking forward to watching Cameron play center for the Brewers.
  • Ben Sheets is scheduled to start in Chicago tomorrow. I certainly hope the Brewers are sure he’s 100%, because otherwise I’d rather he not pitch yet. It’s going to be pretty cold in Chicago tomorrow; I hate to say it, but I’ll be holding my breath watching Sheets pitch. If things go well, this will be pretty much the first time the Brewers have had Sheets and Yo in the rotation together, and it makes things a LOT better.

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