This actually happened?

Posted by Steve

Someone at brewerfan came across this little nugget fromYahoo Sports. I guess I’m a bit late on this, but it is still absolutely worth mentioning.

3B Bill Hall was out of the starting lineup Sunday despite collecting five hits in the previous two games. Manager Ned Yost wanted to give either Hall or 2B Rickie Weeks the day off to let INF Craig Counsell see some action. Yost put the names of Hall and Weeks in a baseball cap and had Hall pick to see who would be out of the lineup. Hall picked his own name, and thus had to sit.

This actually happened? I mean, Yahoo is reporting this, so that means it’s real, right? If so, this is right up there with the mosquito that made Ned give Gabe Gross the steal sign.

Does Ned realize Weeks and Hall are starting over Counsell for a reason? If neither Weeks or Hall need/want/deserve a day off, why would he do this? And for the love of Dusty, couldn’t he come up with a better way to decide who to sit? You know, like, a baseball way? We just drew names from a hat to choose the draft order for our fantasy football league, and even that seemed a bit archaic.

Can you imagine being Hall or Weeks when Ned approached them with this? I’d love to know what they said to each other afterwards.


2 responses to “This actually happened?

  1. I bet it went something like:

    HALL: Ned Yost… Sha-wuuhhh??
    WEEKS: Um, ya know, [etc.]


    Ned Yost simply stole this tactic from President Bush… that is the only logical…um?

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