Who wants to see Cub fans overreact?

Posted by Steve

Amazingly entertaining game today. One of my favorite things about beating the Cubs is going to northsidebaseball.com to read the irrational comments of overreacting fans. Of course, the same thing happens at brewerfan, except brewerfan is moderated closer so things don’t get as out of hand (or funny).

The posters there are a mixed bag, like any message board. Many are very funny, knowledgeable fans, and many are eternally negative and irrational. And, boy, do they dislike Ryan Braun.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from today’s game. Considering the craziness of the game, this one is actually pretty tame. Still some gems in here though. It starts after Wood hit Counsell to lead off the ninth and Kapler doubled.

How in the HELL did that ball go that far??!??!???!???!?

Kendall Home Run In 5…4….3…..2……


At least we have the force at every base.

good thing I’m taking horse tranquilizers

Ok… I’m going to puke if Ryan Braun takes it to us.

Well, ****

I hate everything

God I hate Braun.

it’sonlymayit’sonlymayit’sonlymayit’sonlymayit’sonlymay (this one actually went on much, much longer)

Now Gagne will pitch like 04.

Cubs will load the bases only to get 3 K’s in a row

Good ab Ronny.

Don’t hit and run don’t hit and run don’t hit and run


That was not an effing strike when Kerry threw it, you sack of crap.

Eh, f it. I hate steals, but go ahead and try one here.

walk off dinger, plz, k

oh yay, Howry up in case we tie it

lol cubs

I hate this stupid freaking Brewers team. Bite me, Braun and bite me, Blue.

F’in Braun. F’in Yost. F’in Blue.

I’m surprised the ump didn’t finish the game by bashing Pie over the head with a steel chair and ripping off his gear to reveal a Brewers uniform underneath.

i propose a new rule in which whoever scores the most runs in a series wins all the games in the series. (Did I not say this would happen? I rule)

may i just say that my hate has grown for braun today…i guess my level of hatred towards that prick has no bounds

SO why is Matt Murton on a bus to Iowa while Felix Pie remains on our team?

So it’s come to this: Matt Murton vs. Felix Pie for the hearts of North Side Baseball.

I’m really enjoying how Soriano and Fukudome are escaping criticism for two horribly played balls in the outfield.

good friggin’ god…i leave work and it’s 3-1 going to the 9th and get home to find this bull….f*** me.

I can totally see the Cubs falling apart and getting swept in St. Louis this weekend. Somebody make me feel better.

The Cards suck. Feel better?

also, this is the st. louis cardinals roster. you should feel better after looking it over.

I was at the game, and it was going so fast I got the drunkest I’ve been at a Cubs game for years. I didn’t plan to…I just kept remembering the 7th inning cutoff and ended up racing and forgetting I had only had a bowl of cereal to eat/drink for the whole day. Now I’m in my 3 hour evening computer class until 9 PM…I managed to get food and water after the game, but this is agony. AH-GO-KNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

This is what I get for being a Cub fan, and being confident with the Cubs having the lead in the 9th. No more. I don’t care if the Cub shave a 10 run lead in the 9th, I will never again feel comfortable with the lead in the 9th again.

WTH realization is…..we don’t get another opportunity at these punks, till July (the 2nd half), and they don’t come back to Chicago till September. The Cubs have to sit on the back-to-back home series loss to the Brewers for over 2 months before they play ’em again. The truth is….WE ARE better then the Brewers. The moment the Cubs players believe that fact, will be the moment the Brewers will realize they won’t win the division.


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