What a difference 24 hours makes

Posted by Steve

I put off posting something until now because, frankly, I was just too depressed about it.  Thursday afternoon was as good as you could feel about a Brewers game in May.  An exciting comeback victory over the Cubs to take the second road series against them this season and a seemingly miracle injury avoidance by Yovani Gallardo made for a great day.

Then came the news yesterday that Gallardo did not avoid injury after all.  He has a complete ACL tear and will likely miss the entire season.  As I watched the Brewers lifelessly blow a 4-0 lead, I realized that I didn’t even really care about the game.  I was just too bummed for it to matter.

The Brewers didn’t even bother trying to hide disappointment.  Yost equated it to being punched, and Melvin sadly pointed out that the Brewers never get to have Sheets and Gallardo pitching at the same time.  It’s a huge blow.

The top of the Brewers pitching staff was very good.  If they got at least 25 starts from Sheets and Gallardo, it would have been a shocker to miss the playoffs.  Now it seems like 25 starts between the two is somewhat of a long shot.

The Brewers’ playoff chances took a huge hit.  The difference between Gallardo and his replacement, Dave Bush, is substantial.  PECOTA projected Yo for a 3.88 ERA and Bush for a 4.31 ERA–and right now, that projection for Bush seems pretty optimistic.

The other thing that sucks is that we’re only a month into the season, so more starters are bound to get injured.  That will just make the drop-off even worse.

The Brewers will try to explore trade options, but even that won’t help anytime soon.  Nobody is going to trade off solid starting pitching this early in the season because nobody is out of the race.  Additionally, the Brewers’ farm system is already fairly depleted, so how much more can they empty it?

Just so many bad things.  Ugh.


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