Brewers-Cardinals, 5/11

Posted by Steve

I’m just hanging out at home today with nothing to do. I’ll be watching the game, so why not do a running blog? There are actually several answers to that question, most having to do with how bad the Brewers have been, but I’ll choose to ignore them.

Jeff Suppan vs Braden Looper today. Let’s do this, I guess.

  • First comment of the day–might as well make it about Tony Gwynn Jr. Nice to see one nice at-bat yesterday not only warrants a start, but gets him into the second spot in the lineup. I understand spelling Cameron, but why hit him second? It makes even less sense for Gwynn to bat second for the Brewers, because the point of hitting your pitcher eighth is to set up more opportunities for run producers at the top of the order.
  • First great comment from Bill, talking about Pujols’ on-base streak: “I mean, you’re doing pretty good if you’re on base on average once a game.” Yep, Bill’s very pleased with a .200 OBP. And yes, I know what he was actually trying to say (I think), but I’m cheeky.
  • Nice circus play to end the first. Pujols got picked off, Weeks dropped the ball and then Hardy apparently tagged him out anyway. Wow.
  • Good start, as Looper is having trouble finding the strike zone early. Weeks HBP and Gwynn walked.
  • Prince Fielder has five home runs, and all are against lefties. It’s weird, and I have no idea what it means.
  • Two sac flies by Braun and Fielder bring Weeks home. 1-0 Crew.
  • Now Hart follows with a double down the left field line that scores Gwynn! Nice start, 2-0.
  • I believe FSN just showed Bill Hall’s Mother’s Day 2006 walk-off homer for the 94th time in the last 24 hours.
  • Suppan getting squeezed a bit. He had Duncan struck out be the ump called it a ball. Then he walked Glaus on a close pitch.
  • Aaand now he walked the pitcher Braden Looper.
  • Gotta love Cesar “Salad” Izturis. The pitcher has walked the bases loaded, and he’s up there hacking on the first pitch. He crushed a slow grounder to Suppan to end the inning.
  • Something going after two quick outs. Kendall singled up the middle and then Weeks got lucky for once–bloop single over shortstop.
  • Second inning ends with Gwynn popping out. That was the exact situation I was referring to. Kendall and Weeks get on base, and rather than having someone with any ability to hit for power, you have Tony Gwynn.
  • Suppan is on pace for the most inefficient no-hitter ever. 9 innings, 18 walks, 9 Ks and like 200 pitches.
  • Aw, and the no-no is broken up. By Adam Kennedy, of all people.
  • Five walks now for Suppan. Man alive. He’s gonna get burned by this eventually.
  • Another interesting defensive lpay. Duncan singled to left, and Hart came up throwing to the plate. It looked like they may have had Kennedy at home, but Fielder cut it off and threw out Pujols running for third. Inning over, 2-1. Suppan with a cool 65 pitches through three innings.
  • Braun leads off with a homer that barely cleared the wall in left center. The Brewers get that run back just like that. 3-1.
  • Wow, Jim Powell with a sobering stat: Today is the first game in a week that the Brewers have not trailed 3-0.
  • Brewers go down in order after Braun. 3-1, end of the third.
  • Troy Glaus leads off with a single, which can only mean we’re in for another painstaking, pitch-filled inning.
  • Ha. Glaus caught stealing on a hit-and-run. Thattaway, Tony L! Third out on the bases for the Cardinals so far. I love when opponents use small ball.
  • And Suppan retires the next two hitters quickly. Cards are giving the Brewers breaks.
  • Could J.J. Hardy finally be coming around a bit? He’s had some hits over the past few games, and he just hit a lead-off double to the wall in right.
  • Brian Anderson seemed baffled that Jeff Suppan wasn’t bunting with a guy on second. Sigh.
  • And Weeks is rung up on the same pitch that has been ball four for Suppan at least three times. Frustrating.
  • Hey, three straight groundouts from Suppan. That’s more like it. Suddenly getting through six innings seems very manageable.
  • Braun!! Second homer of the day, this one to dead center. 4-1.
  • Too bad Braun keeps coming up with the bases empty. Oh well. Heading to the sixth.
  • Holycrapbillhall! Suppan in trouble, first and second with one out. Hall jumps and snags a liner from Troy Glaus and makes a strong, off-balance throw to double up Pujols at second. Great play.
  • Pujols has now made three outs on the bases today. Hee hee.
  • Hardy with another hit to right. Hmm…
  • Hardy stranded at second, inning over. On to the seventh… It will be interesting to see what Yost does with the bullpen today. Not only because Gagne was removed from the closer’s role, but because Yost’s bullpen management is always an adventure.
  • Interesting that Suppan is still out there. Riske and Stetter both up and presumably ready.
  • Suppan somehow works through seven! He’s been the beneficiary of some solid infield defense today. Hardy made a couple nice plays that inning.
  • Wow! Gwynn just flew out to the warning track! Who knew he had warning track power?
  • After Riske got two quick outs, Ryan Ludwick hooked a solo homer inside the left field foul pole. 4-2… Let’s end the damage right there.
  • Got out of it. An insurance run or two would be nice. Also wonder who gets the ninth, Torres or Mota? I’d go with Torres, as Mota’s occasional tendency for walks makes me a little nervous.
  • Sweet little league play! Hardy’s pop up fell in with two outs, Hall was on first (drew a walk) and ran to third. The throw went to second for Hardy, who was safe, and Hall ran home on the throw. Cool.
  • Here we go. Torres coming in for the save in a three run game. Three run leads with three outs to go should not be a daunting task. Please do not make this daunting task?
  • Wee… Here we go again? Glaus hits one to deep right, and Hart actually made a great play to prevent a home run. He couldn’t hold on to it, and Glaus gets a lead off double.
  • Miles lines out to third. I’ll ignore the fact that he let Aaron Miles hit a line drive off him and focus on the fact that Torres got an out. Two to go…
  • Groundout to Weeks. Two outs with Cesar Izturis up should be game over.
  • AH! How can you walk Cesar Izturis, he of the .297 career OBP? Why must they always make things difficult!?
  • Time for Brian’s House. Please just get this last out. Molina pinch hitting for Shumaker.
  • Aaand a line drive single on the first pitch. Unreal. 5-3 and Pujols on deck after Adam Kennedy.
  • Phew. Shouse got Kennedy to ground out to short. Hardy with another strong throw. 5-3 win, but not without more ninth inning drama.
  • Braun with two homers, and Hardy with a great game on both offense and defense–has to be his best game of the season. Sure would be nice to win tomorrow and take 3-4 from the Cardinals.

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  1. good AB T Gywnn!

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