Dustied: Like “Yosted” but for Dusty Baker

Posted by Steve

I was reading about the impressive start of Reds rookie Edinson Volquez. He has not allowed more than one run in any start so far this season. What caught my eye, though, was the accompanying quote from manager Dusty Baker.

The fact that he had 118 pitches and was still throwing 95 miles an hour is indicative of his strength and how much he works out.

Egad. He’s going to do it again. Why, again, would the Reds hire this man when they have two very promising young pitchers? They also have young offensive players, something Dusty hates, and Adam Dunn, whose offensive game is the polar opposite of Dusty’s philosophy. You’d think they would want a manager who won’t treat young starters like they’re Aaron Harang.

The best part about this game is that Volquez only pitched seven innings, so it’s not like he was trying to finish off a complete game or something. Nope, Dusty rode him to get through the seventh.

There’s more to the quote.

The thing about him is his competitive spirit, his desire to win. It’s something you can’t teach and it’s something that will be with him forever.

A “desire to win” won’t do him any good when he blows out his arm.


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