5/17 Brewers vs. Red Sox

Posted by Steve

Looking forward to this one. Both because it will be cool to play at Fenway, and also because I can’t wait until Tim McCarver says something stupid. Suppan-Dice K today. Hopefully the Brewers are patient, because Matsuzaka has been walking a ton of guys.

  • Mike Cameron reading the Brewers lineup was pretty funny. My favorite was Corey “C-Hizzle” Hart.
  • Right on cue, Weeks works a quick walk. Good start.
  • After Cameron flies out, Weeks is thrown out stealing. Gotta love that with Braun and Fielder coming up. Yuck. Now Braun Ks, and the Brewers quickly waste a promising start.
  • Just browsing and saw that Russell Branyan hit THREE homers yesterday for Nashville, and his batting average is now over .370! Yet Tony Gwynn and Craig Counsell hold MLB roster spots over him, and Hall continues to get starts against good left-handed pitchers. Wow.
  • Two quick outs for Suppan, but now he’s in trouble. Walked Ortiz and plunked Ramirez.
  • Youkilis singles, but Ortiz was on second so he didn’t score. Loaded for Drew, and he starts him 2-0. Playing with fire here…
  • Thanks for showing up Jeff. Who walks in a run in the first inning? Great start.
  • Since I’m already annoyed, how about a pet peeve. Why are Derek Jeter and Jason Varitek the only two players ever mentioned as captains of their teams? Either no other teams even have captains, or the media only mentions it for the Red Sox and Yankees. Either answer annoys me.
  • Suppan somehow gets out of the inning with only run run in. I think he threw about 74 pitches though.
  • Apparently it was “only” 31 pitches.
  • Prince leads off with a ground rule double. He smoked it; I really thought it was a homer at first.
  • Number one for McCarver. Hart laid down a bunt, obviously trying for a bunt single (and he may have been safe, but was called out on a close play). McCarver then goes on to say how stupid it was to have your number five guy sacrifice bunt.
  • Pathetic at bat by Hardy with one out and a guy on third. Pops out in foul territory. Granted, the first strike to Hardy was a ball two times to David Ortiz in the first inning.
  • And Joe Dillon follows up with a pop up of his own. I already feel much more frustrated than I should in a 1-0 game.
  • Sean Casey led off the second inning. Interestingly, the first basemen in this game are batting seventh and eighth.
  • OMG McCarver. Ellsbury lays down a bunt for a hit and is safe. McCarver says that it’s dumb for Hart to bunt because he’s the five hitter. He clearly has no idea that Hart is very fast and also a good bunter.
  • Two outs, guys on first and second for Ortiz. Not a great match-up.
  • After a ton of pitches, David Ortiz literally popped up a ball over the green monster. No idea how it got out, but it did. 4-0 yay!
  • Inning finally over on a nice catch in foul territory by Weeks. Hopefully Mark Difelice is ready for his debut.
  • Hall led off with a single and didn’t move as the next three hitters went down in order. They have had their lead-off hitter on in each of the first three innings and haven’t scored. In Cameron’s defense, he was called out on a check swing by the home plate ump who didn’t even ask for help, and there’s no way he swung.
  • Hey, a quick inning! Seven pitches. At least eat up some innings Soup.
  • Oh, god. Extraordinarily awkward. McCarver asked Ueck, who was joining them in the booth, if he ever wore a thong(???) during a game, and Ueck said that traditional baseball shoes were more comfortable.
  • Sigh. Braun, Fielder and Hart down quickly in order.
  • Suppan worked around a double by Sean Casey and got through the inning. At least he has settled down a bit. Time for the offense to get going.
  • This ump is really getting on my nerves. An 0-1 pitch to Hardy wasn’t even close, and he struck out on the next pitch.
  • With two outs, Bill Hall worked a beautiful 10-pitch at-bat and ripped a single to left. Now Kendall gets plunked. Come on, how about some two-out magic?
  • Yikes. Hall reminds everyone he’s a poor base-runner. He was picked off second, but a blown call kept the inning alive. Comedy, as Hall started walking back to the dugout, and scrambled back when he realized he wasn’t actually out.
  • Weeks works a nice full count walk. Loaded for Cameron… Let’s go!
  • ARG. Fly out to center, three runners stranded. This offense is very frustrating. Matsuzaka threw 30 pitches and didn’t allow a run in the fifth.
  • Why not throw in bad defense now? It’s the only thing missing so far from this game. Ortiz hit a grounder to the right side. Weeks ranged to his left, fielded it and threw wide to first. Somehow they ruled it a hit, even though a good throw would have had him.
  • Well, here we go. Manny singled. Two on, nobody out.
  • Ooh, nifty play. Weeks fielded a slow roller, ran Ramirez back towards first, threw to first to retire the hitter, and then Ramirez was tagged out in a rundown. That was with one out, so they got out of that inning.
  • I’m still feeling like this is well within reach. Dice-K’s pitch count is rising, and they’re having some decent at bats.
  • Braun leads off with a single. Good start, let’s go Prince.
  • Whoa. Fielder hit a moonshot to center, and I have no idea how it stayed in the park. Doubled off the wall. How that stayed in the park yet Ortiz’s was a homer is beyond me. Either way, second and third with nobody out.
  • Once again Tim Redding calls out a Brewer on a check swing without asking for help. Again, he didn’t appear to go around.
  • AH! Hardy strikes out. All of a sudden two outs. Unreal.
  • On days like these, I wish I didn’t care about baseball. Joe Dillon flies out on the first pitch. Two more stranded. SDFKLJSDLJKAWER!!@
  • Varitek leads off with a double. I’m sure Boston will strand him, right? Ugh.
  • Wow… Crazy plays the last couple innings. First and third, no outs, and another unconventional double play. 3-2-5. All of a sudden they can get out of this.
  • Ellsbury flies out. This has sort of been a clinic on how not to utilize baserunners.
  • Woohoo! Weeks reached on an error (tough play, could have been ruled a hit). Then Cameron ripped a slider over the fence. 4-2!
  • They chased Matsuzaka from the game. Braun singled, so Prince will get an at bat with two outs in the seventh against LOOGY Javier Lopez.
  • LOOGY FAIL. Lopez walked Fielder and was immediately removed. Manny Delcarmen vs. Corey Hart with two guys on… Compelling.
  • Darn. Hart grounded out. Got two back, but probably needed that chance with Papelbon looming.
  • Great. Hall rushed a throw and threw it in the dirt. Oh well, it’s only David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez coming up.
  • Now McClung walks Ortiz. Something tells me the Brewers won’t get so lucky this time with runners on.
  • McCarver has said mentioned that McClung has thrown seven balls in a row at least three times.
  • Ha… Ridiculous. McClung got out of it! I can’t believe all the runners that have been stranded in this game. 4-2 heading to the top of the eighth.
  • After Hardy grounded out, Dillon singled against Delcarmen. Let’s get something going…
  • Nope. Hall and Kendall retired easily. Hopefully they can hold the Sox, because I’m at least interested to see the top of the order face Papelbon.
  • Are they going to do it again? Varitek doubled to lead off the inning, but McClung got the next two. Boston is now 3-17 with RISP, while the Brewers are 0-7. Crazy.
  • Shouse coming in to face Ellsbury. Hold em here!
  • LOOGY FAIL AGAIN. Man alive. Ellsbury doubled. 5-2. Pedroia then grounded out, but it doesn’t matter much. Three runs off Papelbon pretty much isn’t going to happen.
  • Two quick outs. Down three with two outs and nobody on. Hey, maybe there’s a chance.  Cordero blew that lead last year!
  • Wow, Braun CRUSHED a homer to left. Cool.
  • Well, so much for that. Prince popped out. 5-3 loss and a particularly poorly played game again on national tv. Maybe they’ll take the nightcap.

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