There’s something about Manny

Posted by Steve

Bill’s Scouting Report this week is for Manny Parra in his game against the Pirates. There must be something about Manny that brings out the best in Bill, because this is his second appearance already in this segment.

First Time

On the Attack

Double Trouble

First time. Is Bill revealing some very personal information about Manny Parra? I hope he consulted with Manny before releasing that.

Ok, it was actually only saying that this is the first time Parra has faced the Pirates. What that has to do with a “scouting report,” though, I have no idea.

On the attack. Which means, “attack” hitters. Which means, throw strikes. There you go, Manny, just throw strikes. That key to victory is unique and specially crafted for you.

Double Trouble. This is my favorite one in the group, because it refers to Parra’s offense. He had a .500 OPS coming into the game, so apparently that was worthy of noting on his scouting report.

Quick side note: Am I doing a weekly segment on the wrong FSN broadcast feature? Has anyone been paying attention to the Carsoup fan questions lately? How can they allow a question that could be answered with two minutes of a google search to get on the air? Some recent questions:

  • What is the infield fly rule?
  • What is OPS and WHIP? This was an oustanding segment, actually. BA actually made OPS a word, like “Special Ops,” and Bill said a good WHIP was “between 1 and 1.5” Yeah, and a good batting average is between .260 and .315.
  • What does it mean to “stretch a pitcher out?”
  • Why is an infielder’s glove smaller than an outfielder’s glove?

Good grief. I realize they are attempting to cater to a more casual fan, which I totally understand and agree with, but shouldn’t you draw the line somewhere above “What is the infield fly rule?” I’m not saying if you’re a fan who doesn’t know this rule, you shouldn’t be watching a Brewer game… My point is, what makes you decide that the best way to find the answer to this question is to email Brian and Bill and hope that it randomly gets answered on the air?


2 responses to “There’s something about Manny

  1. “What is that wooden rod that the players keep swinging at that round white thing?”

  2. If C.C. Sabathia was an American League All-Star before he got traded to the brewers would he automatically become a National League All-Star?

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