Possibly my favorite FSN moment ever

Posted by Steve

A glorious moment yesterday during the Braves-Brewers game.  With one out and Chipper Jones up in the fifth inning, Kelly Johnson stole second base.  As the Brewers foolishly walked Jones (with only one out and in only the fifth inning, with Teixeira on deck??), Bill said (paraphrasing), “That was actually not a smart play by Johnson, because it allows the Brewers to walk Chipper Jones.”

Has he ever said anything so wrong?  The concept of “doing a team a favor” by “allowing” them to add baserunners is too tangled to wrap my head around.  I’m against intentional walks in general, but when it’s before the seventh inning, with less than two outs and with Mark Freaking Teixeira at the plate, it’s just plain dumb.

Right on cue, Tex hit a three-run homer.  It was the happiest I’ve ever been to see the Brewers give up a home run.  As far as FSN moments go, I think it passed up the time that the camera switched to a shot of Manny Acta in the Nats’ dugout in the middle of a Jason Kendall throw to second.  Not sure if it’s enough to get by BA’s “ahps” (OPS) though.


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