More on my undying disdain for small ball

Posted by Steve

Yesterday’s was one of those frustrating games that happens to result in a win.  I thought the Brewers should have felt pretty lucky to take that game.  A number of thing’s bugged me about how the game played out, but one in particular really got me all hot and bothered (and not in a good way).

Having Corey Hart bunt in the eighth inning last night was incredibly stupid. First of all, bunting with guys on first and second is a big pet peeve of mine anyway, for a couple reasons. First of all, you already have one guy in scoring position. Why give up an out in that situation? Secondly, it’s much easier to force out the lead runner in that situation than with just a runner on first (which is what happened, but I’ve always felt that way. not just a hindsight thing).

When you apply that to the Brewers’ case yesterday, it only gets worse. If a terrible hitter was at the plate, I might understand more. Hart is the last good hitter in the lineup at that point. Having Corey Hart bunt to set up chances for Bill Hall and J.J. Hardy (against a righty, no less) defies anything close to logic. The only other possible defense you could use is to stay out of the double play. Well, Hart’s the fastest guy on the team. Playing to keep him out of a double play is useless.

That dumb call cost them a chance at a big inning and important insurance run(s). If it weren’t for Sal Torres, it very well could have cost them the game.


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