We missed a week of Bill’s scouting reports…

Posted by Dan

Though I never got around to posting it, I did actually pick the clear cut winner for the week we missed. It was the game we attended at Miller Park, Brewers vs Astros (May 31). On the way in, on a TV showing the FSN broadcast, Bill’s report on Brian Moehler was as follows:

– 3.43 ERA

-5th Start

-Last Night

Alright. The first point, was that Brian Moehler had a 3.43 ERA as a starter to that point. He had some unsuccessful relief appearances raising his total ERA however. The best part, is that this was over TWENTY FIVE innings! For his career, as a starter (over 240+ innings) his ERA is 5.70! That seems way more relevant. Neither stat really offers any insight as to how to attack the nasty repertoire of Brian Moehler, but let’s at least get it right. On to the second point: I don’t really get this one at all. It ironically points out the sample size shortcomings of his first bullet point and offers no other insight at all. No mention of the 40-some other starts with a near 6.00 ERA he has posted since 2005. The third point: Last Night? What? Looking back, the game played the night before was a 5-1 Brewer win. Nothing exceptionally noteworthy happened. Brandon Backe allowed 3 HR in 5 IP, but that isn’t really unusual (2.1 HR/9 innings this year; 1.39 for his career). So, either Bill is offering some especially sound baseball advice (don’t get shelled) OR Bill and Brian Moehler had a wild night on the town the night before. I won’t ruin this blogs streak of 2+ years without anything grossly inappropriate being posted, but I hope it’s the former.

A few quick thoughts by YOURS TRULY:

With Alfonso Soriano, Albert Pujols and Adam Wainwright missing significant time, the Brewers time to close this gap in the central is now. The Brewers play the Cubs 10 times (6 in September, and 7 are home games) and the Cardinals 6 times (all in July, and road games). While the Brewers don’t match up with these teams while they’re shorthanded, if they take care of their business they can hopefully get within 3 or 4 games, and that can be erased very quickly in the final 2 months, with so many head-to-head matchups (That is a run-on sentence I refuse to rewrite).

One more point: The Cubs are 28-8 (.777) at home and 14-16 (.466) on the road. The Crew is 19-10 (.655) at home and 15-21 (.416) on the road. Both these teams are very strong at home, and considerably less so on the road. The Cubs have, however, played 7 more home games than the Brewers. As this evens out, the Brewers will certainly make up ground.


3 responses to “We missed a week of Bill’s scouting reports…

  1. Is that a glimmer of optimism? I think it is.

  2. I vividly remember being in my impaired state, gleefully pointing at the tv and screaming over and over again, “Last night!? What could last night even mean!??”

    Anyway, I’m confident the Brewers will pass the Cardinals within the next month, but the Cubs are probably just too good. Soriano isn’t even all *that* big of a loss. Zambrano, Lee, Fukudome, Marmol and Ramirez are all more valuable. Hard to get excited over the Cubs winning 93 or 94 games instead of 96 or 97 in my opinion.

  3. Is that a glimmer of pessimism?

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