An unprecedented event

Posted by Steve

We have a first-ever in our Scouting Report of the Week segment – a tie. There is routinely more than one noteworthy report each week, but I generally am able to choose a favorite. Not this week.

The first one goes to Roy Oswalt. This is definitely one of the best of the season, and at the time I considered it a lock to win.

Real Hard

Real Soft


If you read those three out loud, it sounds like you’re arguing with yourself and suddenly become confused.

Real Hard, Real Soft refers to the discrepancy in velocity between Oswalt’s fastball and his slow curveball. Really, this is one thing, and he could have covered two points with one “discrepancy” point. Way to cop out Bill.

Location? I actually LOL’d when I saw this one live. The way I read it in my head, Bill is dumbfounded by the concept. I think this referred to Oswalt’s control or some other key for pitching that is totally nonspecific to Roy Oswalt.

On to the other winner, Kevin Slowey.

Control Pitcher

One Walk

Home Runs

Like I said, I didn’t expect any to rival Roy’s, but my brother referred me to a report where Bill said the same thing twice, resulting in an even bigger cop-out than the real hard, real soft thing.

Control Pitcher. Ok, so that means that he doesn’t walk guys. Got it.

One Walk. This refers to the fact that Slowey had issued one walk over his previous three outings. Wow, that’s pretty impressive. So that obviously means that he doesn’t walk guys. Heyyyy, waaaait a second! I feel like I just heard that somewhere! Bill could have easily mentioned this little nugget in his first point about Slowey being a control pitcher.

Home Runs. Nothing too exciting or interesting here, except for that you could make the case pretty easily that the fact that he gives up homers is a direct result of… not walking guys. I think he may have covered that already, though. Aside- Slowey has seven walks in 52 innings. Pretty sweet.

Alright, that’s it for this week. I wonder if we should have a Bill’s Scouting Report of the Year at the end of the season? It would be cool if we chose like 8 finalists and put it up to a vote, but I’d rather save myself the embarrassment of putting a poll up on the blog only to have six votes.


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