“In other words, Russell Branyan was the balls.”

Posted by Steve

Crazy flippin’ game today.  Awesome performance from Dave Bush, and the pen almost gave it away.  But mainly, I’m here to post about the most intriguing man to walk the Earth: Russell Oles Branyan (yep, that’s his real middle name.  So badass.)

Do yourself a favor and go to ESPN’s state page.  Click on OPS.  Ok, so he has only 62 at-bats.  But he’s LEADING THE MAJOR LEAGUES IN OPS.  Another fun way to look at it:  Branyan has 20% more home runs thanthe home run leader for the Toronto Blue Jays, and he has 62 ABs.  Tee hee hee.

At this point it’s just funny to me.  Geoff Jenkins went on a ridiculous home run binge several years ago, but I don’t really remember anything quite like this from a Brewer.

Of course, it’s not all positive in my eyes.  What the crap took so long to get him up here?  Gwynn sucking up those critical pinch hit at bats that could have gone to Branyan hurt, and I’m still embarrassed that Branyan wasn’t up to DH in the series in Fenway.

Branyan has been raking all season between AAA and MLB, so it’s remotely possible his adjustment to his batting stance will allow him to finish 2008 with monster numbers.  At this point I’m ready to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

By DougJones43 of brewerfan.net


One response to ““In other words, Russell Branyan was the balls.”

  1. Actually, 25% more than the Jays leader.

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