Goal: Split the series

Posted by Steve

Sort of a rough series in Minnesota, but as a baseball fan it was awesome watching Kevin Slowey pitch basically a flawless game. The Brewers were only able to hit the ball twice all game—both by Corey Hart—and Slowey missed his target about five times the entire game. Bill made a good point about him hiding the ball (see, I have the ability to give Bill some credit), and after that I paid attention to it. Slowey hardly reveals the ball to the hitter until he is releasing it, which is probably how he can pitch so well with a 91 mph fastball.

Anyway. The Brewers are still in decent shape for the road trip. The Atlanta series put them in good position for a 5-5 road trip, which would have to be deemed a success considering the three-city trip and the quality of their opponents. It’s now at the point where the only thing that could make the road trip a big-time failure would be to get swept by Arizona in four games. One win puts them at 4-6, but the realistic goal should be to split the series for a .500 trip.

If the Brewers don’t crap the bed in Arizona, they’ll be sitting with a very solid record and an opportunity to gain some ground with a very advantageous-looking 10-game homestand against Pittsburgh, Colorado and Cincinnati.


One response to “Goal: Split the series

  1. You would not have thought the game was that awesome had you been sitting in the ass-dump known as the Metrodome as I was.

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