Reaching Goals is fun!

Posted by Steve

Hard to say this road trip has been anything but good for the Brewers, and if they steal a victory today with Brandon Webb on the mound, it would be a great trip. It’s pretty amazing that they’ve managed a 5-4 trip to this point with virtually no production from Ryan Braun or Prince Fielder. Unfortunately, the Cardinals have stayed pretty hot. I still fully believe the Brewers are a better team, but if the Cards go out and land Matt Holliday I’d get very worried.

By the way, Dan and I were discussing at the start of the road trip what we’d be happy with, and he said if the Brewers went 6-4 he’d “run naked through the streets.” Don’t think I won’t hold him to that.


2 responses to “Reaching Goals is fun!

  1. This morning I was discussing what it would take to start a nationally accepted rumor that Brett Favre is returning. If I began to text my friends with a bogus report, would it spread? I’m not so sure.

    But we decided that if a quasi-respected, gently-followed Brewers blog were to start a somewhat believable rumor…

    It’d be a traffic builder, that’s for sure. Give it some thought.

  2. Well, that badgerblogger site already tried that with the Yost to be fired rumor, and that certainly didn’t end well. Plus we have a fraction of a fraction of their readership.

    Don’t think it would do much, but it’s a funny idea.

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