All-Star Cornucopia

Posted by Steve

  • As was not-so-boldly predicted here the other day, Sheets will get the start tomorrow in the All-Star Game. It’s more an issue of availability than anything, but I’m still realizing I’m more pumped about this than I probably should be. A few people are saying they didn’t want him to start, but my thought is he was going to throw an inning or two anyway, so why not have him start the game? Sheets has been my favorite Brewer for years, so I think it’s great that he’s getting some recognition after being underappreciated for so many seasons. Of course this could just serve as a showcase on national tv in his free agent year, but that’s probably for a different post.
  • Check out Bootspur Hurdle’s gritty, gutsy comments on Sheets. “He’s blue collar; he brings his lunch pail to work every day. I thought it would be an opportunity that he’d embrace. He has a lot of energy, a lot of passion. He’s a perfect match for me.” Good grief. How has the expression “brings a lunch pail to work” stood the test of time? Does anyone say ‘lunch pail’ anymore? I can honestly say, to the best of my recollection, the only time I’ve heard the phrase ‘lunch pail’ in my life is when it’s used in the expression, “He brings his lunch pail to work.”
  • Braun is hitting seventh in the NL lineup, which seems about right. The NL lineup is stronger than the AL this season. An infield of Berkman-Utley-Ramirez-Jones with Pujols at DH is just sick, and the AL lineup features over-the-hill, light-hitting Derek Jeter and Ichiro Suzuki. I’m not trying to say what outcome this will have on the game, because I don’t really see any way to possibly handicap it. With the Brewers solidly in the playoff race, I guess I’ll be pulling for the NL if I manage to stomach FOX’s coverage for the duration of the game.
  • Although it’s not All-Star related, I can’t post today without at least mentioning CC’s performance yesterday. That was just awesome, particularly the top of the ninth.
  • Unfortunately, that outing was another long one-122 pitches. Sheets and Sabathia are now number one and two in pitcher abuse points. Dan astutely pointed out me overlooking the fact that many of Sheets’ starts came on an extra day’s rest, so his number one ranking may be a bit overblown, but I still want to see that ranking go down ASAP.
  • Home Run Derby tonight. Prepare for off-the-charts levels of awkwardness and annoyingness courtesy of ESPN, particularly Chris Freakin Berman. A lot of people are poo pooing the derby lineup this season, but I like it. It features the next generation of stars—Utley, Hamilton, Braun, Sizemore, Morneau, etc. Also, Erin Andrews will be reporting on the field. I don’t get into EA as much as some of the fanboys, but let’s just say she brings more to the table than Berman.

One response to “All-Star Cornucopia

  1. Erin Andrews can do no wrong in my eyes. She could slaughter a live baby on national television tonite and it would only add to her allure.

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