Bill’s valiant attempt at evaluating minor league performance

Posted by Steve

Today’s Scouting Report of the Week goes to Homer Bailey in yesterday’s thriller. Here’s what Bill came up with, after what I’m sure was hours of tedious research.

4-7 in AAA

Top Prospect

First Start in Milwaukee

4-7 in AAA. Dan had this one pegged. “I have to think AAA win-loss records tell you even less about performance than major league win-loss records.”

Top Prospect. Well which is it Bill? Was he 4-7 in AAA this year, or is he a top prospect? Clearly both are not possible! Bill also gave a nice spiel here about how ‘at some point, if you don’t succeed in the majors you lose that prospect status.’ Yes, I’m sure after he averaged 9.3 strikeouts per nine innings in his minor league career and dominated some levels of the minors the Reds are just about ready to kick the 22-year-old Homer Bailey to the curb after 57 2/3 major league innings. He had elite prospect status as recently as last season, but he’s clearly no more than Ben Hendrickson now.

First start in Milwaukee. Somewhat interesting? I guess. Relevant as a scouting report? …You bet your buttons!


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