Haven’t I written this before? (A.K.A. The Giants are terrible, vol. 2)

Posted by Steve

Yeah, I guess I have written this before. Except it’s one year later, and the Giants are somehow even worse.  The Brewers finally got a sweep on the road, are up to a season-high 12 games over .500 and even took one of the Giants best hitters with them to St. Louis.  Let’s discuss.

  • CC was terrific on Friday, and the next two games the offense was the story.  I thought the Brewers did a great job today against Tim Lincecum.  Even though they didn’t cash in on many of their opportunities, they were extremely patient and willing to wait him out when he didn’t appear to be at his best, and that drove up his pitch count and forced a relatively early exit.
  • Speaking of that pitch count, it was painful to watch the Giants leave their 24-year old franchise pitcher out on the mound for 121 pitches.  It may have been one thing if he was going for a complete game or holding a lead, but he threw 121 despite the fact that:
  1. The Giants were 17 games under .500 entering today’s game and are playing for nothing.
  2. Tim Lincecum is 24 years old and a  Hall of Fame talent.
  3. The Giants were losing the game.
  4. It wasn’t like it was the ninth inning.  He struggled to get through six innings, and it was clear he was done in the seventh.
  5. Lincecum spent the All-Star Break in the hospital with the flu!
  • Ray Durham is a nice pick-up for the Brewers.  That .385 on-base percentage is something that is sorely needed in front of the team’s sluggers.  The minor leaguers the Brewers gave up, center fielder Darren Ford and pitcher Steve Hammond, are unlikely to be impact players at the major league level. Finally, the Giants are even paying for just about half of Durham’s remaining salary.
  • I am just a little leery of the trade though, for a couple reasons.  As disappointing as Weeks has been, I don’t want Ray Durham as the starting second baseman.  Durham’s defensive range has deteriorated as he has aged, and metrics indicate Rickie Weeks is the better defensive player.  Secondly, Durham’s line of .293/.385/.414 is much better than what Weeks has done, but it’s not realistic to expect him to stay there.  Durham’s 2008 PECOTA projection was .250/.327/.390.  Meanwhile the projections entering this season for Weeks was .265/.368/.454.  It is nice to have Durham to start against tough right-handers, but he shouldn’t start more than once or twice a week.  Meanwhile, Weeks has really started to come around offensively in the last eight games or so, so hopefully he’ll be able to heat up.
  • Mark Attanasio continues to add to the payroll, as this acquisition will put them over 90 million.  The Brewers will add a reliever, so the payroll will go up even more–it will probably end up at about 95 million.  It’s just astounding.  He has nearly tripled the payroll over the course of his brief ownership.
  • I really, really don’t get the home/away “platoon” of Dave Bush and Seth McClung in the fifth spot in the starting rotation.  I like that Ned is willing to think outside the box a bit, but doing this based on 75 innings from McClung  is pretty nuts, and the fact that Bush only has 45 innings on the road screams SMALL SAMPLE SIZE.  Dave Bush has been  great  much of this season.  His WHIP for the season is at 1.15, an outstanding mark.  In his last four starts he has thrown 28 innings and has an ERA of 1.93.  Why are they keeping him out of the rotation?
  • The next time I’m introduced to someone, and they eventually ask me what I “do,” I’m going to say I co-author a blog with a guy who got a photo with Russell Branyan.


2 responses to “Haven’t I written this before? (A.K.A. The Giants are terrible, vol. 2)

  1. yes… markie mark is pumpin up the payroll three fold…throw in the fact we have the smallest media market in baseball and it is truly amazing. mark also bought one of the most expensive condos in the city at university club tower… a likely price tag of 1.7+ mil. that is right markie mark….spend you california riches here, we love you for it!

  2. Marky mark also is proposing buying up buildings and properties south of Miller Park and calling it the Miller Park District. Then using those profits for the benefit of the Brewers.

    What a guy.

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