Nothing short of backup catchers gets Bill going like a pitcher who can hit

Posted by Steve

Bill’s Scouting Report of the Week goes to new Brewers ace CC Sabathia. This week’s edition has a twist to it: I was out and couldn’t hear the audio on the tv, so I’m just going off what I saw. I’ll add in what I think Bill may have said.

All Three

Big Yard

Swing It

All Three. I’m going to assume this was about Sabathia having three pitches working, although that’s not a completely safe assumption.  It could have very well been: Whether Sabathia gets a win is based on three key factors: Pitching, defense and offense.  If all three go well, he’ll be in good shape.

All three. Last time out, CC had all his pitches working. When he does that, he’s tough to hit.

Big Yard. Just a great scouting report on the pitcher… The ballpark. In no way is this valuable as a scouting report. Imagine the Giants studying AT&T park in preparation for Friday’s game.

Big yard. This is a big stadium; not many homers are hit here. Sabathia should be able to keep the ball in the park.

Swing It. Ah, one of Bill’s scouting report commandments. If the day’s starting pitcher is an above average hitting pitcher, it must be mentioned in the scouting report.

Swing it. Sabathia has huge pop. He crushed a home run his last time out, and his career average is over .300!


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