Posted by Steve

The Brewers just completed a seven game road sweep and swept a four game series against the Cardinals in St. Louis.

By the way, I’d have been tempted to drill the next fourteen Brewers hitters after Braun’s homer. He walked six steps before starting his jog. And the ball was like two rows up! Huge, huge A-Hole move, and also a huge mistake. A few feet shorter and he’d have been standing on first on a ball off the wall. I really wish he’d knock that crap off. Bill Hall did it this series as well, but nothing close to that bad.

Ah well. Only four more wins in a row for the Webb’s deal!


6 responses to “B!B!KTUTH!

  1. I too saw the Ryan Braun pimp walk, and I too didn’t like it. Leave that shit to Manny. What is this “Webb’s deal?” At first I thought that if the brewers won a certain number of games in a row they got Brandon Webb, but that can’t be correct.

    Or can it?

  2. Free burgers, Shawn. All of the free burgers your little heart can desire.

  3. Yeah, burgers. 20 straight wins get you Brandon Webb, so they aren’t even halfway there yet.

  4. ryan braun should continue to pimp walk for several reasons. infact, he should even pimp walk upon hitting a grounder to third. the entire team should pimp walk and here is why. what do you think this is utah? this is wisconsin…the most liberal and novelty driven state in the union. tv ratings are through the roof and its because of the teams showmanship…not because of a championship. people are flooding the gates at miller park with the hopes of witnessing a rich cocky bastard stroll a pose and remind them all just how much their normal lives suck. so what if that ball hits the wall and braun ends up on first base? so what if braun never crosses the plate and we lose that game? I think it became quite clear that when the brewers traded for the giant known as cc our mission was to have the oddest baseball team in the world.

    yes! prince fielder and cc are giant talking burgers and hot dogs. jj hardy is justin timberlake while gabe the babe is a male stripper. braun is a midget who can hit the ball to the moon once he is done nestling his oversized bat in his crotch while adjusting his batting gloves after every pitch. rickie weeks can’t throw the ball to first base yet they renamed black history month after him. speaking of black…the brewers are one of the blackest teams in baseball. all of them…real circus freaks who were given a bat and glove instead of a large feline on a short leash.

    anyone who disagrees with me is clearly a nazi.

    my name is kevin and I approve this message.

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