I like baseball.

Posted by Steve

I stole this title from a text message my brother sent me after Tuesday night’s comeback win over the Cards.  I think it sums up this week pretty well.  And man alive, what a week it’s been. The Brewers have gained four games on the Cubs since just the All-Star Break. Everything has gone their way recently, and all of a sudden the NL Central is up for grabs. Far cry from a couple months ago.

Baseball Prospectus has the Brewers as the heavy wildcard favorite. Their odds to win the division are at 37.4%, odds to win the wildcard are 39.7% and their overall chance at the playoffs is 77%. To compare, the next closest wildcard contender is, ironically, the Cubs at 28%, which would likely mean the Brewers will have won the division. After the Cubs, the Cardinals are at 15% for the wildcard, the Phillies are at 7% and the Mets are at 5.8%. Overall, the only National League team BP gives a better chance to make the playoffs is the Cubs.

In other words, things are looking up.

Not much else to say, other than they’ve been they best team in the league since the end of the series in Boston. The fact that they are on pace to exceed their win-loss expectations despite losing Yo Gallardo is just crazy. The offense has hit the way we knew it eventually would, but the pitching has been completely unexpected. CC Sabathia is poised to run away with the title of “Most impactful in-season acquisition in MLB history,” but Manny Parra and Dave Bush have really come on lately, and its their unexpected contribution that has really made a difference.

I keep waiting to wake up. The Brewers are 15 games over .500. They’re currently dismantling their biggest competition for a playoff berth. They have a seven game winning streak, and a six game ROAD winning streak. Their payroll is over $90 million. CC Sabathia is on the best stretch of his career… And he’s doing it with the Brewers. Meanwhile, the Cubs are sliding, their fans are getting very nervous and it pretty much feels like the roles are the opposite of the stretch run from last season.  I know there is a ton of baseball left to be played, but I can’t ever remember being this excited about the Brewers.


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