Overreact much? Weeks is still the best option.

Posted by Steve

The airwaves and internets are lighting up with Rickie Weeks hatred. This morning on the radio, the topic was “Are you done with Rickie Weeks?” Brewerfan is in an uproar and overwhelmingly favors benching Weeks in favor of Ray Durham. Finally, Tom Haudricourt made this absurd post on the JS blog today. “It’s big boy time” actually made me laugh out loud. What a joke. Good luck getting Yost or Melvin to talk to you again TH.

It’s seems painfully clear to me that this is an overreaction to what was a miserable game by Weeks last night. It was just about as bad as it can get… but it was one game. The Brewers have stuck with Weeks all season, so why would they bench him now that Weeks is actually hitting? Rickie has a .923 OPS since the All-Star Break, good enough for third in the NL among second basemen since the break. This is what the Brewers have been waiting for. No other player on the team has the ability to put up those numbers at second base.

You may say that Rickie’s problem is defense, and you’d certainly be right. That was the worst part about his game yesterday, without a doubt. Weeks is still below average defensively, but here’s the catch… Ray Durham is worse! Remember that grounder up the middle that Weeks couldn’t field last night? Durham doesn’t even get to that ball.

I’m fine giving Durham the start against tougher righties, and agree it’s probably a good idea to get him in there tonight against Big Z. But Weeks gives the Brewers the best chance at good production at second base. Over the course of his career (not this season, but career), Weeks has been an above average second baseman offensively. I wish people would realize and appreciate the fact that Weeks was a full-time MLB starter at age 22. Chase Freaking Utley didn’t see the bigs until age 24, Dan Uggla until age 26 and Ian Kinsler until 24. Brandon Phillips broke into the big leagues at age 22, put up a .553 OPS and didn’t play in the majors again until he was 25. Weeks is 25 right now.

I know that game was intense, and I know Weeks totally crapped the bed last night, but who doesn’t have a bad game once in a while? If Braun doesn’t blast a homer in St. Louis and save Corey Hart’s ass, people would have actually noticed that Corey Hart had the worst game of his career that day. Of course the team won, and nobody really cared. Funny how that works.


3 responses to “Overreact much? Weeks is still the best option.

  1. Thank you … it’s about time I have help laughing at Hatercourt.

    Fight the good fight.

  2. “weeks totally crapped the bed last night” now that got me going! The thing that bothers me about weeks is…come crunch time at the end of this season if you had to predict one player that will commit a cruicial error…does mr. weeks not have the greatest chance in your mind?

  3. Here is Tom’s post for Thursday’s lineup:

    I’d have to say I haven’t seen this lineup configuration before this season as the Brewers try to avoid a four-game sweep at the hands of the Cubs today.

    Rickie Weeks is back in, which against Rich Harden probably won’t work. Craig Counsell is at third. Corey Hart, who has looked very bad of late, is out of the lineup and Gabe Kapler is in right. Jason Kendall has looked bad of late, too, but is in the lineup, which doesn’t make a lot of sense in a day game after a night game.

    Ryan Braun has been dropped from No. 3 to No. 5 in the lineup, with J.J. Hardy batting third.

    Anyway, here is what the Brewers will send out to try to avoid an embarrassing sweep:

    He sounds like a stubborn 13 year old

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