Make it stop!

Posted by Steve

Looking at today’s starting lineup, it’s difficult to tell which team is actually terrible. Gabe Kapler hitting third and Craig Counsell hitting sixth is an abomination. Apparently Branyan reaching base twice in his start the other day and then drawing a pinch hit walk yesterday wasn’t enough to overcome Counsell’s 0-13 streak.

If Counsell continues to get starts at third base over Branyan, the Brewers’ chances of reaching the playoffs decrease. Simple as that. This needs to stop yesterday.

One more thing.  Even if starting Counsell at third wasn’t a terrible decision, why hit him sixth?  What is with Ned’s refusal to adjust the lineup when starters get off days?  Do you mean to tell me that hitting Corey Hart third, Mike Cameron fifth and Kapler sixth for one day is going to screw up the hitters “rhythm” or something? Blech.


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