When you say ‘Olympic Analyst,’ I say ‘Chris Collinsworth’

Posted by Steve

This is like my third or fourth non-baseball post in history. Just a disclaimer, I guess.

I’ve been out of town the entire weekend and haven’t been able to follow the Brewers live. Instead, I’ve been trying to watch the Olympics, but I can’t get past Chris Collinsworth analyzing the events. He was breaking down the swimming the other day, and right now he’s interviewing some gymnast. And the other day TIKI BARBER was covering stuff too… What the hell?

Collinsworth just said, “As an athlete, there are times you need to get back on the horse… And with you YOU NEED TO LITERALLY GET BACK ON THE (pommel) HORSE HAHAHAHA!”

I’m sure these athletes love shmucks who don’t know anything more about these sports than we do interviewing them on national television.

On a final note, I am loving these two gymnastics analysts (one male, one female) competitively trying to out-analyze one another. High comedy.


The best part is I just realized watching this that the pommel horse is actually only used by men in the Olympics. What Collinsworth referred to as the pommel horse is actually the balance beam. That girl hates him.


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