DreamRickie has even more potential

Posted by Steve

I realize I have what is likely an unhealthy obsession with the Milwaukee Brewers, and my dream last night confirms that. Here’s a description.

I’m at a third party to a meeting between Ned Yost/Doug Melvin and Rickie Weeks in a Miller Park office. I don’t really think I am there physically as much as I just have an omniscient view of what is going on, like in a movie. Ned asks Rickie to sit down, and then says (paraphrasing, as I don’t remember what DreamNed said ), “Rickie, we like you a lot. We drafted you very high, and we had great hopes for you as a baseball player. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to wait on you any longer in this pennant race. We’re releasing you.”

“What?!?” exclaims a stunned Weeks. “But I’m just starting to come around! I’m only 25, I mashed in the minors and I’ve been injured for much of my major league career! Plus I’m coming around offensively now!”

“I’m sorry Rick,” says Ned. “We can’t afford to wait. We have another option now, so we’re going to act. We wish you luck.”

“You’ll regret this!” yells Rickie. “You’re making a huge mistake!”

Fast forward to my reaction, which takes place in a new but unknown location. I am somehow in the company of Melvin and Yost, who are actually listening to me for some reason. I’m pretty much repeating what Weeks said to them, only more maniacally. I end it with the over-the-top line of, “And you’ll both be run out of town for this! You’re ruining this team! RUINING IT!!!”

I woke up sometime around there, and it was 2 am or something. Despite the fact I was actually talking to Doug Melvin and Ned Yost and it couldn’t have possibly happened, this was one of those dreams that seemed completely real. I lied in bed, 100% convinced Rickie Weeks had been released. I think I actually said out loud, “Ray Durham??” I started laying out in my mind all the things I would write here on the matter. I was ready to rip Doug Melvin to shreds. I was already envisioning myself comparing Ray Durham’s stats and Rickie Weeks’s stats since the trade (.275/.366/.438 for Weeks, .186/.271/.349 for Durham–small sample noted), noting how ridiculous it is for them to make this decision based on less than a year’s worth of stats, etc etc.

I was fully convinced Weeks was no longer a Brewer for what seemed to be about 20 minutes. The remote possibility that this may have been only a dream finally crossed my mind, but I wasn’t totally convinced. I was almost to the point of getting up and checking the computer, but then I must have fallen asleep.  I woke up and didn’t even remember having the dream for a couple hours before it all came back to me.

There has to be better things I can do with my time.


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