Ah, Nostalgia

Posted by Steve

I was just reading over the JS Brewers blog entry discussing the fact that the Brewers have nine remaining games against Pittsburgh, and it mentioned the 2005 season in which the Brewers broke their losing season streak against the Pirates.

Man, remember that?  What a friggin’ embarrassment.  For like an entire month, FSN was actually counting down the games to .500 after each win.  Darren Sutton shot in his pants after each win as though it was a countdown to a division title.  People were genuinely excited about .500.  Ugh.

Then again, Pittsburgh is still in that mindset.  I don’t sympathize much because the Brewers were also terrible for so long, and also because the Pirates have finally blown it up correctly and will probably be good within a few years.  In other words… CRUSHIN UR PIRATES… CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH.


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