A blessing in disguise

Posted by Steve

I did not follow any of the game today because I was at work.  Normally this would be a bummer, but today it was not, because if I had seen Yost send Tony Gwynn Jr. to the plate down one run with the bases loaded I probably would have smashed my computer when he hit into that double play, and then missed Cameron’s go-ahead hit as a result.  It was much less stressful reading about it after the fact.

Hee-yuge swing today.  They potentially could have been heading into Philly tomorrow up two games in the wildcard, but instead it’s a four game lead.  This 11-day, ten-game road trip is the biggest trip they’ve had in years: Four in Philly, three in Chicago and three in Cincinnati.

Glenn encouraged me today with an observation.  He pointed out that Sabathia and Sheets will pitch eight of the Crew’s last 17 games (now seven of their last 16).  Just an FYI, he also said the Crew will go 9-8 in their last 17 and split in Philly, meaning the Phillies would have to go 10-3 in their last 13 to catch the Brewers–and the Phillies lost today.  We’ll see how accurate his prediction is, but it sounded good to me.


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