Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Disappearing Offense

Posted by Steve

I’ve been avoiding talking about the miserable offense in hopes that it gets turned around ASAP, but it’s finally gone on too long.  The Brewers have been absolutely terrible on offense for an extended stretch, partcularly their key hitters.  Here’s a quick shakedown of some individual stat lines since August 1.  Brace yourself… It’s pretty messy.

Prince Fielder: 219/.335/.401 for a .737 OPS.  Low all across the board… Prince isn’t getting many hits, and isn’t hitting for power.

Ryan Braun: .267/.341/.483 for an .824 OPS.  Interesting that Braun has had a power dropoff, but is taking more walks over the last six weeks.  He may get somewhat of a pass, he could still be affected by his ribcage injury.

Corey Hart: .274/.297/.459 for a .756 OPS.  Hart has just had a miserable second half.  His plate discipline, which was not good to begin with, has gone straight down the toilet.  A .297 OBP over a six-week span is Pattersonesque; that is flat-out terrible.  His OBP for the season is down to .316!!!

Bill Hall: .205/.289/.308 for a .597 OPS.  Yes, that’s .597! I have honestly no idea what happened to Bill Hall after 2006.  He’s been even worse the last six weeks than he’s been for the entire season, and that is really saying something.

Really the only regular players who are holding their own offensively since August 1 are Hardy, Cameron and Weeks.  Hardy’s been their best hitter of late, as Cameron has cooled way down after a scorching August.  Jason Kendall and Craig Counsell have also had lame offensive numbers, but that was expected with them.  The fact that Fielder, Braun, Hart and Hall have been abysmal for an extended period of time has crippled the Brewers’ offense.


Enough of that… I need something to cheer me up.  Something like a scouting report from Bill that’s so bad, it erases any and all doubt I may have had about his one sensible one a couple weeks ago.  One like this one for Ben Sheets against San Diego.

How’s the groin?


Watch Giles

How’s the groin?  That just sounds like a pick-up line… A weird, creepy pick-up line.

Velocity. I love the random, abstract one-word points.  I want to see a scouting report in which Bill says,  “Jackalope.  Antenna. Abacus.  These are all one-word words, and they are all things.  Except for a jackalope, which apparently is some made up animal.”

(By the way, if you want to be totally grossed out, check out this image of what many believe inspired the concept of a jackalope.  It’s seriously gross, though, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Watch Giles.  Watch him like a hawk.  Don’t take your eye off him.

Doesn’t he sort of resemble a horse?  Yeah, I thought so too.  Ok, you can stop watching him now.


2 responses to “Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Disappearing Offense

  1. I’m glad this post warrented a “Ned Yost… Sha-wuuhhh??” tagging.

    A win tonight will go a long way for my sanity.

  2. It did, but it was also supposed to have a Bill’s SROTW tag. Thanks for pointing out the error.

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