Well that could have gone better.

Posted by Steve

Eighth inning.  Runner on second, one out. Brian Shouse facing Ryan Howard.  Clearly, you have the LOOGY Shouse face Howard and then either bring in a righty to face Burrell/walk Burrell and face the next hitter.  This makes too much sense.  Shouse is death on lefties, and Howard sucks against lefties.

Instead, Yost walks Howard with Shouse.  And then leaves him in to face Burrell.  HE LEFT BRIAN SHOUSE IN TO FACE RIGHT-HANDED PAT BURRELL.  AAAAGGH.

Not only did the Brewers get swept again and lose their wildcard lead, but we added a bit of trivia today.

Q: Who was the first player to throw a no-hitter in the history of Miller Park?


Just unbelievable.  What a nightmare.


3 responses to “Well that could have gone better.

  1. your previous blog entry lied to me
    this made baby jesus cry

  2. yost just got fired

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