We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!

Posted by Steve

Those of you who come here regularly know I’m generally one who prefers to stick to factual evidence and statistics presented by those much smarter than I when it comes to baseball.  I don’t generally believe in things like dugout presence, veteran experience, bringing something to the table on and off the field, grittiness or any other goofy, overhyped intangible.  Well, fellow Brewer fans, that doesn’t mean I’m not a little superstitious, if not just for fun.  You may or not be aware of my lucky Ron Dayne jersey from the Rose Bowl era of the Wisconsin Badgers.  This jersey is sports gold.  I swear to you, the thing doesn’t lose.  When my teams are in the gravest of situations, I simply don the jersey and Old Ron pulls through.

What does this have to do with anything?  Last night I rubbed down my Bob Uecker bobblehead doll with the jersey.  I’m no longer leaving this to chance.  We’re turning this ship around.  The last couple weeks have been tough for all Brewer fans.  There is rampant frustration and even dissention. Well you know what?  The season has been too long to quit on the team now.  We’ve waited 26 years to get back to the post-season, so why give up now?  To quote the great Aaron Rodgers, either get on board now or keep your mouths shut.

The Brewers are going to win today.  There it is.  One game for sure, but I’m gunning for two.  Do you know why?  Not because Dave Bush and/or Jeff Suppan are going to pull solid starts out of the air.  Not because Braun, Fielder and Hart will bust out of their slumps.  No, it’s because of this clip below that you’re going to watch.  What better speech to rally the troops than the one that helped saved humankind from annihilation?

Like I said, the Crew is turning this thing around, and it starts today.  Never before has the powers of Old Ron been combined with the raw passion and artistry of Pullman.  The NL won’t stand a chance.  There’s nothing more left to say.  Bill?  TAKE IT AWAY!


One response to “We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!

  1. That’s how ballplayers think. I like that post Steve.

    Too bad we just can’t seem to put it together.

    It’s not the WORST…At least we are still in contention.

    And could this possibly keep going like this???

    I dunno, I hope not. I have put too much time, hope and confidence into it. I hope they feel the same way and get there asses in gear.

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