Seven Games

Posted by Steve

So it’s a bit of a stretch, but you’re supposed to read that title to yourself the way the creepy girl from The Ring says, “Seven days” when you answer the phone after watching the tape.

Seven games. As Lou Brown said, “I figure it’s gonna take seven more victories to win this thing.” Before yesterday’s game, I felt good about the Brewers’ chances if they win seven of their last twelve games. The Mets are in as much trouble as the Brewers (I’d argue more because their pitching is in shambles), so seven more wins should be enough for the Crew to pass them up and hold off the Astros.

The loss last night means they only have four more losses to play with the rest of the way. They have five games left against the Cubs, three against the Reds and three against the Pirates. The most realistic way is probably by taking three of five from the Cubs, two of three from the Reds and two of three from Pittsburgh, with the best chance at a sweep being against Pittsburgh at home.

Call me crazy, but I think they have a real shot at it. Losing with Sabathia on the mound is deflating, but taking a closer look it’s not as bad as it seems. Sabathia is not the pitcher on the Brewers who matches up the best with the Cubs; that pitcher is Ben Sheets. The Cubs best hitters (Soriano, Ramirez, Lee) are all right-handed, and that advantage helped them wear CC out last night.

A must-win regular-season game in baseball is almost always a silly concept, but tonight is about as close as you can get to it. With such a wide advantage in pitching match-ups tonight (Sheets vs. Marquis) and Harden looming for tomorrow’s game, the Crew needs to take this one tonight.


2 responses to “Seven Games

  1. What the hell? I am going to have nightmares of that creepy Samayra chick, except in my nightmare she will be wearing a Theriot jersey t-shirt.

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