Hey Chicago, whattaya say! The Cubs are gonna win the next four then lose the next three!

Posted by Steve

Sorry for putting that lame song in your head for the rest of the day, but I couldn’t help myself.  I borrowed the title of this post from Sam at Brewerfan just because I liked it so dern much. Hope he doesn’t mind.

Fellow Brewer fans, we now find ourselves in the strangest of positions. We must root for the godforsaken Chicago Cubs over the next four days. It’s less than ideal, but when your team hasn’t made the playoffs in your lifetime, you don’t exactly have much shame.

On that note, here’s to the Cubbies! Here’s to a pinch hit homer from Big Z, and about six bloop singles from The Riot! Here’s to a bunch of ‘I’m going to slow up on this ball before diving to make myself look cool’ catches from Jim Edmonds and a game-winning homer from A-Ram that doesn’t make me want to die! Here’s to Soriano not terribly misplaying fly balls and Jason Marquis somehow forgetting how much he sucks tonight! But most of all, HERE’S TO A CUBS SWEEP!

Realistically, though, here’s to the Cubs splitting the series. Cheers.


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