Posted by Steve

First of all, big thanks to Andy for calling me with an extra ticket for the game tonight.  Which means, yes, I was there again!  When Rickie Weeks hit that home run, I think I high-fived about 20 people and yelled, “I LOVE RICKIE WEEKS!!!” about 15 times.

What a great game.  Player of the game: Seth McClung.  What a huge performance!  He shut down the Cubs for four innings and gave the rest of the bullpen some much needed rest.

How about this:  The Brewers now have a magic number!  And it’s only two!  The Mets have responded in kind with a desperation move of starting Johan Santana tomorrow on three days’ rest.  Santana is a great, great pitcher, but he generally doesn’t throw complete games, and he has only thrown on short rest once in his career (funny that he’s stayed injury-free, huh?).  He threw 125 pitches his last time out, and he faces a right-handed heavy Marlins lineup.  Jerry Manuel is taking a huge gamble, and if it doesn’t work the Mets will be done.

Magic number of two.  So, so close!


One response to “RICKIE!!~!1!1!!

  1. What an appropriate macro–a McClung-colored cat 😉

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