Posted by Steve

I’m still in a haze from Sunday.  To be honest, it still doesn’t seem real to me.

I’ll set aside one paragraph to pat myself on the back a bit.  With twelve games left I said the Brewers would need seven wins to reach the playoffs.  That’s exactly what happened.  Cool.

Even after a couple days, I’m still pretty much in disbelief.  After the celebration stopped, I had my first “Holy crap this is actually happening” moment, when I mentioned to my friends that I thought Yo would probably start game one.  I caught myself saying that casually, and just shook my head again.  Crazy.

I went to the rally last night at the Summerfest grounds, and that was pretty cool.  As Bill Simmons would say, it was off the charts on the Unintentional Comedy Scale.  Brian and Bill were hosting the event, and them having to improvise on the fly while keeping everyone exciting was funny and cringe-worthy at the same time.  BA pretty much embarrassed himself when the players were behind schedule.  He had to bide time, and it was just awkward.  I’m not ripping him or anything, because he was put in a bad spot and I would have been doing the same thing, but it was still funny.

Unexpectedly, Saloman Torres stole the show.  Once the players arrived, BA would call them up and hold the mic as they said a few words—pretty much your general “Thanks for your support; we’re gonna beat Philly” stuff.  When Sal was called up, he jogged to the front of the stage while waving his arms and doing that “I can’t hear you” hand-to-the-ear thing.  He grabbed the mic from BA and yelled, “WHAT’S UP WAUKEEEE!  I SAID, WHAT’S UP WAUKEEEEE!” Hilarious.

Jerry Augustine, Jim Gantner and Gorman Thomas were there.  It was a bit awkward with Bill interviewing as you might expect, but Gorman was pretty funny.  Bill asked what it was like for Braun to hit that home run… Robin Yount hit two homers on the day the Brewers clinched in ’82.  Thomas said, “Hey, well Gantner hit two homers in ’82 also!”

I suppose I have to do it at some point, so I’m going to actually talk about the Phillies series.  still weird, but oh well.  I have to say, I actually feel good about the Crew’s chances.  For those who are afraid the recent drubbing the Brewers took in Philadelphia is a good indicator, I’ll say the same thing I said about potentially facing the Mets in the playoffs: CC.  The Phillies have not seen Sabathia or Gallardo at all this season, and those two pitchers are lined up to pitch two games each in the series.  Of course, a five-game series would mean Sabathia would have five consecutive outings on three days’ rest, so I’d prefer the Brewers just win in three or four games.  Won’t be picky though.

While Sabathia doesn’t match up as well against the Cubs (as if that mattered Sunday), he matches up very well with the Phillies.  Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, two of their three best hitters are left-handed.  Ryan Howard is so bad against lefties that he should probably be a platoon player (AH FLASHBACKS TO THE YOST-SHOUSE FIASCO!), so I look forward to watching CC neutralize him.

One last thing.  On a day in which Joe Morgan was on ESPN radio saying you need to manufacture runs in the playoffs, blah, blah, blah, I was relieved to see this article in today’s JS.  Down with excessive small ball!


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