At least I had a break for one game

Posted by Steve

Not a great game yesterday, but after a couple innings you could pretty much see how it was going to go.  The Brewers just weren’t going to get more than a run or two off Hamels the way he was pitching, and as it turned out they got none.  Yo’s control was a bit off, and the defense just killed them again.  After looking at Cameron’s play again, I have come to the conclusion that it would have been a great play.  The wind was really crazy at the time, and that ball was smoked straight over his head.  It was very difficult to read.

Hall and Weeks on the other hand–that play just killed the Brewers.  Hall bobbled what would have been a double play, and then Weeks dropped a ball that would have been an embarrassing play for a Little Leaguer.

The offense overall did a nice job against Brad Lidge, but we’re at the point where that doesn’t matter anymore.  I don’t like hearing “well they couldn’t tie the game, but at least Lidge threw 32 pitches.”  The most that will affect Lidge for is today’s game, and I imagine he’ll still be available with a day off tomorrow.  Sorry, but that’s no consolation for me.  They had him on the ropes, and they couldn’t quite do it.  If Hart doesn’t swing threw a fastball right over the heart of the plate, they may have recreated the mental meltdown Lidge had after Pujols knocked the train off the track in Houston.  Think about it… The guy was 41 for 41 in save opportunities all year, and then he blows a three-run lead in the first playoff game?  It could have bee devastating.

But, nothing to do but move on.  The outstanding game by Cole Hamels was the number one reason the Brewers lost yesterday, so you can’t be too upset about it.  They just need to do a better job against Brett Myers.

By the way, it may have been easy to overlook the job the bullpen did yesterday, particularly Carlos Villanueva.  Man, he is good in relief.

Obviously (By the way, new drinking game: Drink every time Dale Sveum uses says the word ‘obviously’ in his post-game interview.  I strongly advise against playing this game with hard alcohol.) I expect a good game from CC, but Craig Counsell was correct when he said yesterday that the Brewers can’t keep counting on him to win the game single-handedly, because one of these days he’s going to be human again.  They can’t keep scoring 1-3 runs in his outings and expect to win every time.

Another must-win game for the Brewers… I don’t handle these well, but the team has been lately.  Yesterday was the first game they’ve had in over a week that wasn’t a must-win, and it was also the first one they lost.  It was nice for me to have a break from that for one game, but now we’re right back in the nervous wreck zone.  My brother and I agreed before the series the winner would either be the Brewers in five games or the Phillies in four, so today is one they need to have.  Win today, split in Milwaukee and take your chances with CC again in game five.

Come on Crew!  Turn up the heat!


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