A bit of a stretch

Posted by Steve

So today was Blog Action Day.  The concept is pretty cool.  Every blogger devotes one day to one theme, and the issue gets the proper attention, if just for one day.  Last year blog posts spiked on Blog Action Day, so the message is getting out.  This year the theme this year is poverty.  There are a couple obstacles for me concerning this topic.  One:  This is a blog about baseball, a sport whose players are grossly overpaid.  I’m not apologizing for loving baseball enough to write about it, but I’d be lying if I said I’m never just a little embarrassed to be so passionate about something that is trivial in the grand scheme.  Two:  I am in no way qualified to discuss this issue at length.

My attempt to tie this issue to baseball is a stretch, but it’s the only angle I could think to take–baseball, as much as anything else, has a way of getting people through tough times.  It obviously means a lot to many people.  Take this past season, for example.  The economy in America has people cutting back on spending, yet baseball attendance numbers are at all-time highs.  The Brewers set a single-season record for attendance in 2008.  Obviously it does something for people, because many would rather cut back on gas and other forms of entertainment before they stop going to baseball games.  It brings a sense of unity and allows people to escape for a few hours from whatever hardships they may be going through.

This was a stretch, because cutting back spending in tough economic times is something millions of people experience; it does not mean they are living in poverty.  Unfortunately, baseball is not able to do a thing for world poverty, and obviously, that’s where the issue is at its worst.  Like I said, I’m not going to pretend like I know anything about it, so instead I’ll shoot my friend Andy a link.  Andy is applying for Teach For America and had some great stuff today on his blog, including links to some great charities.  I came across one myself called Soccer Dreams Without Borders, which provides soccer accessories to impoverished African children.

**Sorry that is all I had.  I promise to delve much further into the Blog Action Day Topic in 2009.

**Assertion based on next year’s topic being sacrifice bunting.


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