Brenly vs. Macha=No contest

Posted by Steve

Well, the Brewers lost Jack Z to the Mariners job.  Great for him, but a big blow to the Brewers.  Add scouting director to the position that Doug Melvin must fill.  This particularly hurts considering all the comp picks the Brewers should have.  I am also worried about the possibility of others below him in the Brewers organization following him to Seattle.  Congrats to him, though.  He did a great job in his long tenure here, and may be more responsible than anyone for the Brewers reaching the playoffs in ’08.  This is a byproduct of winning teams… When they win, their good employees get hired away to better jobs.  Jack Z has lost a few of his guys to scouting director positions, so you know he’s trained people well.  My guess is just a guess, but I’d expect someone from within the organization to take over as scouting director, even if it’s partially to avoid losing more front office people to Seattle.

Moving on to the ongoing search for manager.  I’m not all that crazy about Ken Macha, but considering some of the names I’m hearing, I’d be pretty relieved if Macha is hired.  I want no part of Willie Randolph; he’s certainly no better than Yost.  I didn’t know much about Bob Brenly as far as in-game strategy goes, and after reading more about it I don’t want him either.

Scanning the interweb, it’s not difficult to find criticism of Brenly’s managing in the World Series the Diamondbacks won.  They had the league’s two best pitchers that year and seem to have won their title in spite of Brenly.  If you don’t believe me, check out this running analysis by Rob Neyer and of the 2001 World Series.  That is just a link to one post, but I enourage you to read on.  There is plenty on Brenly.

I distinctly remember the craziness of him throwing BK Kim out there a second day in a row after over 60 pitches, but that was not nearly the only dumb thing he did.  The criticisms of Brenly’s style in that blog are quite harsh and explain exactly why I’d hate Brenly as manager.  Here’s one particularly terrifying part of that post.

Three times the Diamondbacks got their leadoff hitter on base. Three times Bob Brenly willingly gave up an out to move Womack up a base. In those three innings, the Diamondbacks got a double, a single, three walks, and a hit-by-pitch. Hernandez retired only five batters on his own—in other words, in those three innings, six of the 11 Diamondbacks who actually tried to reach base were successful. But three Diamondbacks didn’t try to reach base, and because of that the team didn’t score a single run.

Bob Brenly should change his name to Bunt Buntly.  In fact, if the Brewers hire Brenly as manager, this will be the “Bob Brenly made a dumb move” tag.  Ned Yost had “Sha-wuuhhh??” and Brenly will have “Bunt Buntly.”

The guy bunts waaaaay too much.  He never did anything once he lost Schilling and Johnson, and hasn’t really been seriously considered for a managerial job since.  His bullpen management couldn’t be as bad as Ned Yost’s but at least Yost didn’t bunt or issue intentional walks.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting to hear that Bobby Valentine or Davey Johnson will be interviewed…


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