You may now exhale

Posted by Steve

TH reported today on local radio that the Brewers have hired Ken Macha and are simply waiting until after the World Series to officially announce it. More importantly, neither Bob Brenly nor Willie Randolph will be managing the Brewers.

I am relieved that Brenly was not hired because I don’t want to see my favorite team lead the league in sacrifice bunts. I am also thankful I no longer need to read that Brenly was qualified because he saw the Brewers play several times this year as an analyst for the Cubs, and is therefore “familiar” with the team. Based on that metric, you and I are far more qualified to manage the Brewers than Brenly (It may surprise you, but in no way am I qualified to manage a Major League Baseball team. You probably aren’t either.)

I am relieved Willie Randolph was not named manager because I don’t want a Ned Yost clone: an inept bullpen manager who has presided over multiple late-season collapses. Randolph also disregards on-base percentage, as he has consistently used low OBP players at the top of his lineups.

Macha’s falling out with Oakland A’s players in his last managerial job is concerning, but Doug Melvin said he looked into it and that it isn’t an issue. Frankly, I am much more concerned with the next Brewer manager’s views on baseball strategy than anything else, so Macha was a no-brainer between the three candidates.


2 responses to “You may now exhale

  1. What do we know about Macha’s strategy? As you pointed out, Beane was pulling the strings in Oakland so do we really know if Macha secretly LOVES the sac bunt?

  2. It’s definitely a valid point that we may not know what part of the strategy was Beane and what part is Macha, but I’m still pretty comfortable with him.

    If you remember Moneyball you’ll remember Beane going crazy about Art Howe and some of his in-game strategies (lineup, bullpen management). I didn’t follow the A’s on a day-to-day basis, but I’ve never heard anything bad about Macha’s in-game managing. That is certainly not the case for Brenly and Randolph.

    I’d definitely be surprised if he secretly loves the sac bunt, because he at least had to get through an interview process with Beane. He’d have never been hired in Oakland if he was talking about his love for bunting and stealing bases.

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