So long Waukee

Posted by Steve

Not much new going on, but I figured I’d post since it’s been over a week since the last one (and as I post this I notice that there is some grumbling about the lack of posts, so good timing). I’ll be starting up some analyses of the 2008 season, mainly on individual performances, pretty soon. I’m also kicking the tires on a Bill’s Scouting Report of the Year post, which could possibly feature a reader poll.  My only concern is the potential embarrassment of having like seven total votes in the poll, so you might have to vote like ten times (joking, at least somewhat). For now, this will be a mixed bag of sorts—a cornucopia, if you will.

  • Literally as I was typing this I heard that Sal Torres has retired. Surprising move, but I guess not that shocking considering the Brewers had to talk him out of retiring last season. Torres had a nice season, and he was a fun pitcher to watch. He wasn’t great, but he was good, which is certainly valuable. This really leaves the Brewers in a bind. I expect them to pursue Trevor Hoffman, whose option was just declined by San Diego. At least we’ll always have the “Sup Waukee!” moment.
  • It’s nice to see a post-season award actually go to a deserving recipient for a change (Nate McLouth=Gold Glove?!?!?/1/1/). Tim Lincecum won the NL Cy Young today. Either Lincecum or Johan Santana deserved it, but I was afraid Brandon Webb’s win total would steal the award for him.
  • The Brewers have made plenty of hires over the last week. Dale Sveum as hitting coach, Bill Castro as pitching coach, Willie Randolph as bench coach and probably most importantly, Bruce Seid as scouting director. Not going to pretend to have much insight on coaching hires, so here’s my limited and irrelevant reaction to each one: Sveum as hitting coach seems strange, but whatever. Cool to see Castro get a pitching coach job after 17 freaking years as bullpen coach. Kind of cool that Randolph accepted the bench coach position, though I am certainly glad Macha will be calling the shots instead of him. Kind of crazy that three members of the staff were managers as one point.  I don’t know anything about Seid either, except for the fact that I like the idea of filling that position from within the organization with someone who worked under Jack Z. Hopefully the Brewers continue to stay ahead of teams in Canada and the east coast.
  • The hot stove season is upon us, and it is glorious. The first couple big trades went down yesterday, and the Brewers should start getting into the mix very soon now that all their hirings are complete. Doug Melvin has a ton of work cut out for him, as the Brewers will undoubtedly look a lot different next season.
  • If the Cubs acquire Jake Farking Peavy for a few B and C level prospects I will probably blow up this blog.

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