This is worse than socks and underwear

Posted by Steve

The holidays came early for Brewer fans, and it came as a punch to the gut. The Yankees have signed Mark Teixeira. Why does this affect the Brewers? It does, but not because the Brewers were trying to sign Tex. It’s because he was rated ahead of CC Sabathia as a free agent, which means that the Brewers will only receive the Yankees’ second round draft choice for Sabathia. Yep, for the best pitcher on the market, the Brewers will get something like the 70th pick in the draft (along with the sandwich pick, which they had anyway).

To my knowledge, Tex was the only player ranked ahead of Sabathia, which means that the only player the Yankees could have signed to bump the Brewers’ pick back to the second round was Teixeira.



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