Hell’s Bells?

Posted by Steve

The Brewers have turned their focus to one of my favorite free agents available—closer Trevor Hoffman. TH reports that Melvin is trying to move quickly, and that he may have an idea on whether they can sign Hoffman as early as tonight.

Hoffman makes perfect sense for the Brewers. He’s still an elite closer, but he won’t be paid as much as some because he’s 41. Yet even at 41 there’s still every reason to expect him to be elite because he’s a changeup specialist; it’s not like his age has taken mph off a blazing fastball. Hoffman was one of a startling number of Type A free agents to not be offered arbitration (one of the other ones, Pat Burrell, was signed yesterday by the Rays in an incredibly cheap deal). As a result, Hoffman would not cost the Brewers a draft pick to sign.

In my eyes, Hoffman would solidify the Brewers’ bullpen. Not that it would necessarily be a big strength, but I would no longer see it as a weakness. Signing Hoffman would allow the Brewers to fully turn their attention to a starting pitcher, which is a much more glaring need.

I’d be willing to go as high as one year for $8 million or two years for $14 million to sign Hoffman. Let’s hope the Brewers are able to bring him in.


One response to “Hell’s Bells?

  1. It’s Trevor time!

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