Toughest loss of the off-season

Posted by Steve

By most accounts, this has been a pretty frustrating off-season. Losing out on Sabathia was expected, but receiving just a second round pick for him was not. Jack Z left. Ben Sheets may leave, which likely would result in the Brewers not receiving a first-round pick for either of their two aces from last season.

Now Jim Powell is leaving to call games for the Braves.

It may sound strange, but for me this may be the biggest loss. Sheets leaving would probably still be more painful, but at least I’ve been mentally preparing for that. Powell leaving, on the other hand, was out of the blue. Jim is easily my favorite baseball broadcaster. He is a student of the game and was always up to snuff on the latest news. He called play-by-play perfectly. God bless Bob Uecker, but half the time it’s difficult to tell what’s going on in the game when Ueck is calling it. I’ve never had that problem when Powell was calling a game. Powell doesn’t have an annoying catchphrase or schtick like so many play-by-play announcers have; instead he knows when to get excited or when to ease off. He followed the Brewers’ minor league system and gave updates during each Brewer game. He always has interesting pre-game interviews. He even reads! In summation, he’s about as good as it gets.

I can’t blame him for leaving; he’s from Atlanta and he’ll be their number one radio announcer. That doesn’t make it less disappointing though. Just like the Brewers won’t be able to adequately replace Sabathia or Sheets, they won’t be able to replace Powell. He set the bar too high.


One response to “Toughest loss of the off-season

  1. I’m really going to miss when Powell does the pregame stuff and then introduces Uecker for the 1st inning. Uecker saying something like “Alright George…” isn’t going to be nearly the same as the everyday “Alright Jim!” before he starts calling the game. What a bummer.

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