This keeps getting weirder

Posted by Steve

The further we get into this off-season, the more flawed the draft pick compensation system appears to be. Ken Rosenthal’s latest piece hints that remaining Type A free agents may actually be better served to hold out until the June Draft before signing with a team. The reason for this is after the draft, teams signing any of those players would no longer need to forfeit a draft pick. As a result, there would surely be more interest from more teams. Crazy to think about, isn’t it?

Oddly enough, this could actually be beneficial for Sheets. He has a history of dominating in the first half of the season and wearing down by the end of the year. Starting in June would not only reassure teams by allowing him more time to rest his arm, but it would keep him fresh up until the end of the season. Of course, it would suck for the Brewers because they wouldn’t get any draft pick for Sheets.


Speaking of Sheets, everything I’m reading has the Rangers as the only serious suitor for him—even though they’ve shown no interest in offering a long-term deal to this point. I can’t help but think Texas would be a terrible fit for Sheets. He’s a fly-ball pitcher, and The Ballpark at Arlington was the number one hitter’s park in the league last season. Not to mention the Rangers aren’t likely to be a good team this year.


Jim Powell continues to prove how awesome he is. Check out this classy farewell letter he wrote to


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