The rotation is now set

Posted by Steve

TH reports the Brewers are signing Braden Looper.  No word on the contract yet, but I’m sure it’s only one year since that’s all anyone is getting at this point.  It’s probably similar to the deal Randy Wolf signed for $5 mil plus incentives.

It’s certainly n0t exciting, but it’s still a relief to know the Brewers won’t go into the season without a viable sixth starter.  Gallardo-Parra-Bush-Looper-Suppan-McClung is much better than Gallardo-Parra-Bush-Suppan-McClung-?

The Brewers can now either keep McClung in the bullpen or put him in the AAA rotation.  Personally, I’d be inclined to have him start in Nashville so he’s ready to be plugged in to the MLB rotation immediately.  There’s no doubt the Brewers will need a sixth starter at some point, and the bullpen seems stable enough to not need McClung right away.

Again, not an exciting move, but something like this needed to happen.


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