Ol’ Jimmy B

Posted by Steve

I wanted to quickly chime in on the resignation of Jim Bowden, Washington Nationals GM.  He was accused of skimming signing bonuses, and although he maintains he is innocent, resigned because he has “become a distraction.”


Someone please let me know if they disagree, but that seems weak to me.  Put yourself in his shoes (or at least what he’s claiming are his shoes).  You have been accused of skimming, but you’re actually innocent.  The investigation is getting some media attention, so your response is to… leave your job?  As the general manager of a Major League Baseball team?

I’m not buying it for a second.  If you’re innocent, why willingly walk away from your job?  Wouldn’t you fight to prove your innocence and keep your job instead of leaving before charges are even made?

Regardless of what actually happened, we’re out another incompetent GM in baseball.  It’s actually amazing he hadn’t been fired yet.  This has been rough.  The past couple years have taken Bill Bavasi, Dave Littlefield, Wayne Krivsky and now Jim Bowden from us.  There aren’t many GMs left to mock!  Sure there’s still a group that includes Brian Sabean, Ed Wade and Ned Colletti, but that group is much less impressive than it was a few short years ago.  Bowden was right at the head of the pack, too.  He hasn’t done anything in his tenure in Washington to make them better, or really even to give them much hope for the future.  Plus, he always came across as arrogant and strange.  Check out this awesome photo from when he signed Ken Griffey as Reds GM.

Do you think this photo shoot was required in Juniors contract?  How uncomfortable does he look?

Do you think this photo shoot was written into Junior's contract?


2 responses to “Ol’ Jimmy B

  1. How uncomfortable is Griffey there?

  2. Very. Don’t blame him though. I’d give Jim Bowden a loving embrace too if it meant I got a gigantic contract.

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