4/7/09 Brewers at Giants – Opening Day!

Posted by Steve

College basketball just ended.  I’ve finally updated the largely unnecessary player cards on the sidebar.  Dusty Baker allowed a top-of-the-rotation starter coming off a serious arm injury throw 114 pitches over five innings on a 40 degree day.  Yep… Must be Opening Day!

The Brewers take on the Giants today in quite the lopsided pitching matchup:  Jeff Suppan vs. Tim Lincecum.  I don’t really get using Suppan as the Opening Day starter, but in the grand scheme it really doesn’t matter.  The other notable change this year is Corey Hart and J.J. Hardy have switched spots in the lineup.  I like Hardy hitting second, but if it helps Hart develop some patience then I won’t complain.

The weather seems shaky today in San Francisco, but the game is ready to begin without any delay.  Let’s get 2009 underway!


Hey, sweet.  I paid for MLBTV, and yet their feed isn’t working.  I’ve called tech support twice, and still no dice.  It doesn’t seem as though I’ll be able to even watch this game until after it ends.  The best part is I haven’t been following it to this point because I was hoping to start from the beginning, so now I get to follow online from midway through the game!  BEST GAMEBLOG EVER.

Maybe I’ll blog the archived game, even though that seems kind of dumb.  I guess we’ll see.  Hope everyone’s enjoying the game.


5 responses to “4/7/09 Brewers at Giants – Opening Day!

  1. Bill is on fire today. Though it is disappointing he didn’t give the scouting report on Suppan, lets hope this was a one time thing.

    1. First Bill is talking about Ryan Braun stealing bases (after his leadoff single). He says, “There are times when Braun will be a threat to run. Probably not with Fielder or Hardy at the plate, but maybe if he led off the inning…” WTF? Fielder and Hardy hit directly after Braun, so apparently Braun is a threat to run when he leads off an inning with a single, and Hardy and Fielder make outs without advancing him. How threatening.

    2. Bill raving about Lincecum’s control: “Last year he had 265 K’s and only 84 BB. Generally guys who strikeout that many guys have much higher walk totals.” I have NO idea where to find the information I’m looking for but I really doubt too many pitchers strike out 250+ guys in a season with high walk totals, because pitchers who strike out 250+ guys ARE GENERALLY VERY GOOD PITCHERS. A quick look through some of the pitchers I immediately think of as having accomplished that feat seems to support me. Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez never walked more than 84 guys. (Curt Schilling’s 2002: 316 strikeouts, 33 walks? Are you kidding me?) I could be proved wrong overall on this one, but it struck me as pretty stupid at the time.

  2. Awesome. I so wish I was watching this right now. I need my Bill fix.

  3. Top of the 2nd is when he first brought out “Not sure where that one missed.”

  4. Also, the pitch he brought it out on CLEARLY missed both low AND outside.

  5. BA: “Well the bases are loaded now with the Giants best hitter, Benjie Molina coming to the plate.”

    Bill: “Well that’s why it looks like Macha is going to turn it over to Todd Coffey.”

    Seriously? What’s worse: The Giants best hitter very well could be Benji Molina, or that TODD COFFEY is our response?

    Also, Erin thouroughly enjoyed Coffey’s spring to the mound.

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